Look Sleek & Slim With Body Sculpting Shapewear In Singapore

The range of D’Elegance waist shaping shapewear provides the necessary mid-section support you need for a contoured waistline and a shapely figure.

In this category, discover a selection of waist shapers that will help to sculpt inches away from your midsection and allow you to maintain a great posture.

Feel confident and poised instantly as these body shapers trim your waist and abdomen through the power of firm compression.

Say goodbye to dreaded love handles, as these waist shapers will work to smooth out trouble spots.

Waist shapers including Spanx, girdles and corsets can target particular “problem” body parts such like excess bulges to create a slender waist and improve your posture. Similar to an abdominal binder, these waist shapers will tuck in any lax skin and baby pooch while providing support for all-around compression so you can fit in your clothes better with a sleek silhouette.

D’Elegance waist shaping shapewear is designed with quality, light and airy fabrics that is suited and comfortable to be worn in our tropical climate in Singapore. The collection is expertly constructed to fit and flatter any body shape and size.

When you schedule a personal consultation with D’Elegance consultants, you will be measured and guided on choosing the perfect fit for your body to enhance your figure and boost your self-esteem. Rest assured you can feel confident and stay comfortable all day long with D’Elegance shapewear, no matter at work or play.

With D’Elegance, creating an enviable waistline is nothing but a breeze.

Abdominal binders available in Singapore like Spanx and girdles can work in postnatal bodyshaping to help the abdomen return in its original shape, increase firmness of the skin and reduce flab due to post-pregnancy weight loss. D’Elegance waist shaping collection also provides benefits in supporting the postpartum abdomen and getting the body back in shape. The compression effect promotes post-partum healing, tightens stomach muscles, and provides abdominal and lumbar support for a speedy recovery. It makes a good body sculpting accessory that can mimic the effect of sucking in your stomach and make the waist look more defined.

Our waist shaping shapewear can also aid in your waist training and body sculpting process to permanently lose inches and achieve physical results along with better lifestyle choices. Suitable for all body types, it melds to your natural curves for comfort and support to maintain or attain the desired hourglass shape.

Get instant results with a flatten tummy and slimmed waistline with D’Elegance shapewear for a sensational silhouette. Skilfully crafted to provide ultimate comfort, wear them day or night to transform your fitted look!

And with our personalised consultations, finding the right fit for your body has never been easier.