The Popular and Effective Shapewear Options for Women

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A myriad of shapewear choices awaits any woman looking for some help to fit into their favourite clothing item. While many people may say that body sculpting in Singapore is the only quick way to gain the desired body appearance, it’s not always the most affordable or safest choice for everyone.

This is where shapewear comes in.  After all, you shouldn’t have to go through treatments just to look and feel the way you want to when you put on that gorgeous dress you’ve been planning to wear for weeks. With the best shapewear that is right for you, you can step out of the door feeling comfortable and confident, while looking radiant and stunning.

With that said, we’ll share some of the most popular forms of shapewear that are equally as effective in helping enhance your figure below.


One of the most chosen types of shapewear is the brassiere. It’s common knowledge among women that a brassiere which fits well can be a mood and confidence booster. Selecting the ideal brassiere that suits you best can come with multiple benefits, such as breast shaping and back smoothing. In addition, it can also provide an instant lift to your bust without requiring any padding. Brassiere shapewear is also suitable for new mothers who have just given birth, to help with shaping the bust area as breastfeeding may cause them to be in a less desirable state.


In the past, corsets were synonymous with the French Renaissance and Victorian England periods where women wore them to get a specific kind of look. Nowadays, corsets are regarded as the type of shapewear that cinches the waist area to shape it into a slimmer and flatter surface for tight-fitting clothing. Corsets benefit you by correcting your posture while taming the tummy and smoothening the hip area. It will also provide excellent support for women with larger breasts.

Also, corsets are a fashionable shapewear item that seldom runs out of style, ensuring reliability in the chic and sexy department.


Bodysuits are for women looking to have maximum control over multiple areas of their body. A bodysuit is designed for full-body shaping, allowing you to shape, smoothen, and contour your entire body with just one helpful shapewear garment. Parts of the body such as the waist, tummy, hip, and chest are all supported and smoothen to give you a more proportionate and slender appearance.

Some types of bodysuits are also designed with an open-bust area for post-partum mummies. This design allows them to breastfeed with minimal clothing obstruction and can be paired with nursing bras.


Girdles for women are form-fitting shapewear that shapes and smoothens the lower body around the waist, hips, and thighs area. They often come in two versions, a long girdle and a short girdle. They’re used to shape and compress the target areas while giving a lift to your bottom at the same time. Short girdles primarily target the waist, and hips, while the long girdle targets the waist, hips, and thighs.

Girdles can also help to improve the posture and is popularly chosen by new mothers because of it postnatal body-shaping properties which prevent the tummy area from sagging and also provide additional support to the back.

At D’Elegance, we understand that women come from various walks of life and possesses a multitude of differently-shaped bodies. We aspire to assist them in achieving a shapelier and elegant figure by wearing our shapewear to accentuate their natural curves, without compromising on comfort. Using high-quality fabrics and smart-cutting methods, D’Elegance shapewear is the premier clothing accessory to help you achieve the body shape that you desire and deserve.

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