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If you've been thinking about giving D'Elegance shapewear a try, check out what Summer has to say!

Hi, I'm Summer. I booked a consultation with D'Elegance and decided to try their shapewear. The consultation was very comfortable and it was not pushy - you feel very at ease. And I made my choice - I came down, I tried, and I bought something because it's so comfortable.. So you can grab a chance and try it with them as well.

We're heartened by Summer's support and grateful that she's willing to share her D'Elegance experience with other ladies. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️

Ms. Summer Toh

Radha visited D'Elegance because she wanted a fuss-free way to shape up and fit into her clothes better.  Check out what she had to say about her experience after trying D'Elegance shapewear.

Hi, I'm Radha and I'm working in the hotel industry. I got to know about D'Elegance through Facebook. WhenI saw their post, I was so convinced that I should actually come and try it because I was finding ways to actually slim myself like how I used to be.

So I came and made an appointment and I was met by these two wonderful ladies who actually brought me through the whole process - the selection, the right size, the customized products.

I tried on three products. And of course, I brought my dress along with me so I could see the results - which is the before and after and compare it myself.

After trying the shapewear products with my dress, I was really amazed because I was looking very slim and I really liked it a lot.

I really like the customer service here because they don't push you to buy.

They let you try first so once  you're convinced that you look good then you can actually buy it, and if not, it's alright.

So it's worth a try and you should actually come over.

We're heartened by Radha's support and thankful to her for her generosity in sharing her D'Elegance experience with other ladies. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️

Ms. Radha

"If you are a shapewear virgin or a hater, then you have landed on the right post. I had my own hits and misses with body shapers but I didn’t give up until I found the right one for me. This post addresses a lot of questions like which size to buy, which style works with which outfit, how comfortable or uncomfortable they are, etc. As for the slimming effect, it’s quite noticeable. Look out for the before-and-after pictures too!"

On her D'Elegance Experience

Elida takes the effort to understand your needs, and then take measurements for bra size and body shape. She also spends time to discuss your concerns and makes recommendations to suit your budget. The personal consultation includes help in finding the right style and size garment just for your body type.

D’Elegance will also help you put the body-shaping products on for the first time and offer instructions on proper use and care. All in the comfort of their private consultation room, seated in a cosy corner and over a cup of brewed tea. I love the fact that when it comes to shapewear and modern corsets with boning, the right style can make an outfit that no longer fits you, fit again. What a boost to our confidence!

After wearing the shapewear, my bust circumference increased. Well… no surprise there. The one that got me excited was to see the measurements around my abdomen shrunk by 7cm and my hip line by 1cm. In addition, the long girdle gave an illusion that my legs are longer!

Photo credits: Prayerfull Mum

I would like to thank Elida for the wonderful experience I have had during the personalized shapewear consultation. In my many years of being fitted for bras and corset from another well-known brand, I personally know how fantastic and what a huge relief it is to walk out of a store knowing you have finally found something that you love and most importantly is comfortable. Stay blessed!

Danessa Foo
Author of blog Prayerfull Mum and mother of one

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Disclaimer: This review is excerpted from a series of posts done by Ms. Danessa, who owns the blog Prayerfull Mum. Ms. Danessa received D’Elegance products for the purpose of this review.


Ms. Danessa Foo

Author of blog Prayerfull Mum and mother of one

My hunt for the perfect bra stopped when I chanced upon D'Elegance boutique in 2009. D'Elegance bras gave me the comfort and support I needed and have been looking for, for the longest time and they contoured my body perfectly. I highly recommend the D'Elegance brand for its high quality product and good body support.

Ever since I discovered the D'Elegance brand, I have saved not only precious time but also money while looking for the perfect lingerie. Also, the D'Elegance festive promotions provide quality and good buys.

Thank you D'Elegance!

Ms. Xu Shanli
Regional Auditor

Ms. Xu Shanli

I attended a D’Elegance workshop and visited them for a personal consultation.

I was excited and relieved after trying their shapewear because the products helped to shape my thigh and bottom and gave me the figure I've always wanted. I am delighted to have finally found the solution to the figure woes that have been troubling me for a long time.

Thank you, D'Elegance!

Ms. Irene Leow
Retired Teacher

Ms. Irene Leow

I made an appointment for a personal consultation with D’Elegance. My consultant, Elida, took my body measurements and let me try the Brassiere, Long Girdle, Waist Slimmer and Bodysuit. Upon wearing the products, I could see the difference in my body shape immediately – it was so unbelievable. My consultant, Elida, explained to me about how the shapewear can bring body fats back to the place where they belonged and also give the necessary support to my body.

At the beginning, I was very reluctant to buy the products as I found them to be costly. But I thought back about how I had tried several slimming methods without results and decided to give D’Elegance a try.

After wearing the products for three months, I found myself in good shape and have no regrets with the choice I made. Thanks, D’Elegance, for giving me the chance to have more confidence in myself and for allowing me to wear a lot of nice clothing. Good things are meant to be shared – I will definitely introduce these products to my friends.

Ms. Serene Ong Su Ling
Working Professional

Ms. Serene Ong Su Ling

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