Testimonial - Ms. Radha

Testimonial Radha 0 WO"I brought my dress along with me so I could see the results - which is the before and after and compare it myself.

After trying the shapewear products with my dress, I was really amazed because I was looking very slim and I really liked it a lot.

So it's worth a try and you should actually come over"

Working Professional, Hotel Industry

Testimonial - Ms. Summer Toh

Testimonial Summer Toh 0 WO"Hi, I'm Summer. I booked a consultation with D'Elegance and decided to try their shapewear. The consultation was very comfortable and it was not pushy - you feel very at ease. And I made my choice - I came down, I tried, and I bought something because it's so comfortable.. So you can grab a chance and try it with them as well."

Summer Toh
Mother of one and Chief Education Officer at The Water Family Enrichment Centre

Testimonial - Ms. Rachael Tan

Testimonial Rachael Tan 0"I was shocked to see that D’Elegance shapewear had not only shaved 7cm off my abodomen and waist line combined but it was able to add 1cm to my chest line. Add 1cm you might ask? Isn’t shapewear supposed to make you smaller? Well no..shapewear is supposed to shape you which is why certain areas may become bigger because fats/flabs from the wrong areas may have been returned to the right areas (eg. fat at the back or underarm fats to the chest area or thigh fats to the butt)."

Rachael Tan
Author of blog JahBella and mother of two

Testimonial - Ms. Dawn Wang

Testimonial Dawn 0"After my experience with other shape wear brands, I must say I am utterly impressed by the comfort level of D’Elegance shape wear. When Elida explained to me about the thought process behind the design of the shape wear, I can see that a lot of effort has been put into the design process to ensure that they are comfortable enough for regular wear (even in our warm, humid climate) and that their 3D cutting technique allows the shape wear to adhere to our natural body shape while sculpting the more problematic areas to create a beautiful silhouette instantly."

Dawn Wang 
Author of blog Daprayer and mother of one

Testimonial - Ms. Amie Chen

Testimonial Amie Chen 1"Having been through 3 pregnancies myself, I'm sure many mothers out there will understand and may have the same dilemma as me. Weight gain, saggy breasts, flabby thighs and that tummy of mine that looks forever 3-4 months "pregnant". It's quite depressing at times when I look at myself in the mirror.

When D'Elegance approached me to do a review on their shapewear, I gladly took up the offer to see if these shapewear are able to make any difference to my life.

Amie Chen 
Author of blog Mamamie's Thots and mother of three

Testimonial - Ms. Danessa Foo

Testimonial Danessa Foo"If you are a shapewear virgin or a hater, then you have landed on the right post. I had my own hits and misses with body shapers but I didn’t give up until I found the right one for me. This post addresses a lot of questions like which size to buy, which style works with which outfit, how comfortable or uncomfortable they are, etc. As for the slimming effect, it’s quite noticeable. Look out for the before-and-after pictures too!"

Danessa Foo
Author of blog Prayerfull Mum and mother of One

Testimonial - Ms. Xu Shanli

Testimonial Shanli Xu"My hunt for the perfect bra stopped when I chanced upon D'Elegance boutique in 2009. D'Elegance bras gave me the comfort and support I needed and have been looking for, for the longest time and they contoured my body perfectly. I highly recommend the D'Elegance brand for its high quality product and good body support. Ever since I discovered the D'Elegance brand, I have saved not only precious time but also money while looking for the perfect lingerie. Also, the D'Elegance festive promotions provide quality and good buys. Thank you D'Elegance!"

Xu Shanli
Regional Auditor

Testimonial - Ms. Jolin Poon

Testimonial Jolin Poon"To be honest, I don't really mind my current body shape. In fact, I have been getting comments that I am still so slim even after two kids. However, I do wish that my tummy can be flatter and breast fuller. There are some special occasions where I'll need to fit into a dress and it is not going to look so nice with a bulging and flabby tummy. When D'Elegance wrote to me about reviewing their range of shapewear, I was still undecided to take up the offer because I thought it is going to be uncomfortable and hard-selling. I am so glad that I didn't reject it because all these worries are needless."

Jolin Poon
Author of blog The Js Arena and mother of two

Testimonial - Ms. Ashlyn Thia

Testimonial Ashlyn Thia"If there's something that every woman must have apart from a good health and a beautiful heart, it's not the body size - it's a nice body shape, and that can be carved out with the help of these shapewears. One who is bigger in size can still look good with a curvy firm body! When all the body concerns are being addressed, women will naturally be more confident and focused to achieve more dreams. And for me, I'm happier too as I get to wear pretty dresses! Thank you D'Elegance! I'm loving how the shapewear keeps my body in good shape!"

Ashlyn Thia
Mrs. Singapore World 2015/16 Finalist,
author of blog Ashlyn Thia and mother of one

Testimonial - Ms. Lim Ting

Testimonial Lim Ting"After three weeks of wearing D'Elegance Shapewear daily, I must say that the effect is significant even if I take off the shapewear now, as my tummy used to be even larger! Now, my tummy is flatter even if I do not wear the shapewear in a day. I am also "addicted" to wearing my D'Elegance shapewears now, I actually feel more comfortable with wearing the shapewears to support my posture and body! My self-esteem has definitely risen and like I always say, a Happy Mummy raises Happy Children! "

Lim Ting
Mother of two and
author of the blog Miracule

Testimonial - Ms. Christy Wong

Testimonial Christy Wong"Elida is a lovely lady who instantly makes you feel at home in her elegant shop. In fact, I view her as a mentor to my womanly concerns. She is a very approachable and a motherly person who is selfless in sharing her experience and advices on taking care of our health and body. Her positive demeanour in life was infectious and I really left her shop not only feeling happy with my new Shapewear but also a determination to take care of my body and health."

Christy Wong
Mother of three and
author of the blog Kids R Simple

Testimonial - Ms. Cherry Syjongtian

Testimonial Cherry S Calasanz"I have always wanted to maintain my teen-hood slim silhouette but after giving birth to two children, achieving that goal seemed preposterous. Let's be brutally honest here, after childbirth and breastfeeding, a woman's body undergoes major changes that mostly lead to flabby tummy and sagging breasts. I confided to Elida that those are two of my main concerns, on top of my humongous thighs and flat buttocks."

Cherry Syjongtian
Founding member of Mom Bloggers for Social Good and author of the blog Sweet Memoirs

Testimonial - Ms. Serene Seah

Testimonial Serene Seah"The shapewear has managed to address one of my major concern – tummy fats that caused the increase in my waist line. After I put it on, there was no more spillage of tummy fats. This is what I call MAGIC! It's that simple – no pills, no sweat, just the long girdle! 

Serene Seah
Business owner, blogger and
stay-at-home mother of two

Testimonial - Ms. Mabel Lee

Mabel Lee Testimonial
"Besides shaping my body, I realized through my weeks of wearing, these shapewear by D’Elegance provides really good back support. The girdles and the waist slimmer work their magic in ensuring I keep my posture right, whether I’m standing, sitting, or out and about chasing or carrying the children."

Mabel Lee
Blogger, blogshop owner,
stay-home wife and mother of two

Testimonial - Ms. Serene Ong

Serene Ong Testimonial"At the beginning, I was very reluctant to buy the products as I found them to be costly. But I thought back about how I had tried several slimming methods without results and decided to give D’Elegance a try. After wearing the products for three months, I found myself in good shape and have no regrets with the choice I made."

Serene Ong Su Ling
Working Professional

Testimonial - Ms. Wileen Chew

Wileen Chew Testimonial"If I were to describe D’Elegance in three words, it would be this – best kept secret. It is a best kept secret because I never knew that in Singapore there are such good products. The service was excellent and the best part about it is the education on the products. It opened a whole new dimension of shapewear to me. Allowing me to try on the products also helped to ease doubts about the products. I wear it every day! No unsightly bulges. Of course the products don’t cater to every dress for every occasion, but it works for my office dresses."
Wileen Chew
HR Manager, Mrs. Singapore World 2014/15
and mother of two

Testimonial - Ms. Marilyn Goh

Marilyn Goh Testimonial"After I bought the Brassiere, Bodysuit and Long Girdle and wore them for a short time, I was able to achieve an hourglass figure at all times. I feel comfortable and confident wearing the shapewear as they make me look inches smaller and pounds thinner instantly. The fabric is so comfortable that it makes me want to wear it all the time. This is definitely a must for special occasions!"

Marilyn Goh Ya Wen
Mother of three

Testimonial - Ms. Irene Leow

Irene Leow Testimonial"I attended a D’Elegance workshop and visited them for a personal consultation. I was excited and relieved after trying their shapewear because the products helped to shape my thigh and bottom and gave me the figure I've always wanted.
I am delighted to have finally found the solution to the figure woes that have been troubling me for a long time. Thank you, D'Elegance!"
Irene Leow
Retired Teacher