Real Customer Review

Ms. Wileen Chew

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If I were to describe D’Elegance in three words, it would be this – best kept secret. It is a best kept secret because I never knew that in Singapore there are such good products. I was so glad that I found D’Elegance through my pageant activities. I purchased a couple of products and I was genuinely surprised by how very comfortable it is. I have tried other brands (from online, from market – you name it), and they are not only uncomfortable but also makes the shape worst!

I love (x3) the panties, girdle and corset. Of the 3, I love the panties and girdle the most! It is super comfortable, durable material and contours the shape nicely. When I wear bodycon dresses, I looked ideally shaped. I am a shopper that once I believe in the product, I stick with it!

The service was excellent and the best part about it is the education on the products. It opened a whole new dimension of shapewear to me. Allowing me to try on the products also helped to ease doubts about the products. The result of it all – I wear it every day! No unsightly bulges. Of course the products don’t cater to every dress for every occasion, but it works for my office dresses.

I believe in the products, and it works so well for me. That’s why I would recommend to anyone and everyone, especially to someone who is practical – my pageant friends would love it.

Ms. Wileen Chew
HR Manager, Mrs. Singapore World 2014/15 and mother of two