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Ms. Serene Seah

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My experience with D'Elegance was totally PRIVATE (1 to 1 consultation) and PERSONAL, my conversation with my consultant, Elida, was kept behind closed door. I was totally at ease and not shy about telling her my areas of concern and the best of all was, I had her undivided attention!

The consultation was an enriching one, from sharing with me on:

  • how should one choose the correct lingerie and wear them correctly;
  • how shapewear can benefit and help us to sculpt our body shape and work towards attaining our ideal figure;
  • how shapewear can help with correcting posture. I did not know and no one ever told me about it because I have a tendency to hunch no matter how hard I reminded myself that I need to keep my posture upright.

The shapewear has managed to address one of my major concern – tummy fats that caused the increase in my waist line. After I put it on, there was no more spillage of tummy fats. This is what I call MAGIC! It's that simple – no pills, no sweat, just the long girdle!

If you did not know that shapewear can help to improve posture, the vest is the one! I tend to hunch unknowingly. After putting on, instantly it kept my posture upright and the support did deter me from going back to the bad posture. Simply amazing and of course I find myself to be constantly standing upright more often and the feeling of confidence when I stand upright, I feel heightened and great!

Who says you need to lose weight to look good? No more pills, no more strenuous exercise, no more tucking in of tummy. Make an appointment with D’Elegance and see how they can help! All of us have different body shapes and I am surprised that it even helps people like me with a skinny frame."

Serene Seah
Business owner, blogger and stay-at-home mother of two

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Disclaimer: This review is excerpted from a series of posts done by Ms. Serene, who owns the blog Xavvylicious. Ms. Serene received D’Elegance products for the purpose of this review.