Real Customer Review

Ms. Serene Ong Su Ling

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I made an appointment for a personal consultation with D’Elegance. My consultant, Elida, took my body measurements and let me try the Brassiere, Long Girdle, Waist Slimmer and Bodysuit. Upon wearing the products, I could see the difference in my body shape immediately – it was so unbelievable. My consultant, Elida, explained to me about how the shapewear can bring body fats back to the place where they belonged and also give the necessary support to my body.

At the beginning, I was very reluctant to buy the products as I found them to be costly. But I thought back about how I had tried several slimming methods without results and decided to give D’Elegance a try.

After wearing the products for three months, I found myself in good shape and have no regrets with the choice I made. Thanks, D’Elegance, for giving me the chance to have more confidence in myself and for allowing me to wear a lot of nice clothing. Good things are meant to be shared – I will definitely introduce these products to my friends.

Ms. Serene Ong Su Ling
Working Professional