Real Customer Review

Ms. Radha

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Radha visited D'Elegance because she wanted a fuss-free way to shape up and fit into her clothes better.  Check out what she had to say about her experience after trying D'Elegance shapewear.

Hi, I'm Radha and I'm working in the hotel industry. I got to know about D'Elegance through Facebook. WhenI saw their post, I was so convinced that I should actually come and try it because I was finding ways to actually slim myself like how I used to be.

So I came and made an appointment and I was met by these two wonderful ladies who actually brought me through the whole process - the selection, the right size, the customized products.

I tried on three products. And of course, I brought my dress along with me so I could see the results - which is the before and after and compare it myself.

After trying the shapewear products with my dress, I was really amazed because I was looking very slim and I really liked it a lot.

I really like the customer service here because they don't push you to buy.

They let you try first so once  you're convinced that you look good then you can actually buy it, and if not, it's alright.

So it's worth a try and you should actually come over.

We're heartened by Radha's support and thankful to her for her generosity in sharing her D'Elegance experience with other ladies. Thank you so much! ❤️❤️