Real Customer Review

Ms. Marilyn Goh

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I got to know about D’Elegance in 2007 while I was shopping at International Plaza. Back then, I was attracted by the window display, but had no idea what to buy. Elida then explained to me in details the functions of D’Elegance shapewear and offered to let me try on the products.

After I bought the Brassiere, Bodysuit and Long Girdle and wore them for a short time, I was able to achieve an hourglass figure at all times. I feel comfortable and confident wearing the shapewear as they make me look inches smaller and pounds thinner instantly. The fabric is so comfortable that it makes me want to wear it all the time. This is definitely a must for special occasions!

I felt happy when my colleagues complimented me about my sexier and slimmer figure. Even my husband is supportive of me wearing D’Elegance! I will definitely introduce this product to my teenage daughter at a later stage and share my experience with her.

Ms Marilyn Goh
Mother of three