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Ms. Mabel Lee

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Giving birth to Blake and Nakayla has pushed my body to a limit where it refuses to return to the way it was before – this I’m sure most mothers will completely understand. And while the idea of getting a shapewear comes to mind every now and then, I didn’t exactly head out to find one.

However, in the last few months, I’ve been seriously contemplating getting a shapewear for my postpartum body, especially after seeing how well it worked for some of the fellow mommies I know! I visited online shops and physical stores to browse through all the shapewear products I can find, but I always end up feeling a little unsure when it comes down to making a purchase. What if I buy the wrong size? What if it doesn’t fit? What if it doesn’t work?

Needless to say, I was pretty bummed out by my own efforts in searching for a shapewear. I was on the verge of giving up when D’Elegance found me!

On the D'Elegance Personal Consultation

The consultation service provided at D’Elegance is immaculate and personable.

Having my own little room to move and speak freely with my personal consultant, Rain, while sipping on nice cup of tea and trying on various products made all the difference in the world! I felt so safe to talk about my body issues and Rain advised me on how to best use their shapewear to achieve my own personal body image goal. Rain also took time to understand what I like to wear on a daily basis and made product recommendations based on that among other things!

On the D'Elegance Shapewear Collection

After my personal consultation at D’Elegance, I got down to testing the products I have just received. A good majority of the shapewear I picked out focuses on my belly area as this is the part of my body that really bugs me a lot. Just by putting on the basic set, I lost a total of 8cm around my waist and belly area. EIGHT! I was so happy with the immediate results that I almost screamed my heart out in utter disbelief!

Besides shaping my body, I realized through my weeks of wearing, these shapewear by D’Elegance provides really good back support. The girdles and the waist slimmer work their magic in ensuring I keep my posture right, whether I’m standing, sitting, or out and about chasing or carrying the children.

Mabel Lee
Blogger, blogshop owner, stay-home wife and mother of two

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Disclaimer: This review is excerpted from a series of posts done by Ms. Mabel, who owns the blog Amazingly Still. Ms. Mabel received D’Elegance products for the purpose of this review.