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Ms. Lim Ting

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If you are ever looking for shapewear to reshape your body, I would recommend you to consider the D'Elegance Personal Consultation Service, because:

  1. You get an intimate one to one attention. There is no awkwardness or embarrassment. You can your full body measured comfortably, discreetly and professionally (with no hurting remarks that some lingerie promoters give)!
  2. Someone is able to tell you about your body, you will learn and understand more. Probably hearing things that you don't know about your whole life like I do (wearing the wrong bra size!)I was amazed when Elida told me the B cup bra is not good enough (what?! I didn't know I was trying on a B cup in the first place! All along I thought I am A cup, and B only if it's a push up bra!), and then she got me the C cup bra to try on instead! After putting it on and she showed me how to adjust correctly, I was able to fill the C cup bra fully, all with my own assets and read this, there is no paddings or push up function whatsoever! All along, i always thought I am very flat-chested!
  3. You get helpful consultation what's your perfect shape and how far away you are from the perfect shape now as well as recommendation on which shape wear suits your body and lifestyle.
  4. You get to try on various shapewears and learnt the correct techniques of wearing different shapewears, including how to adjust your own body into the shape wear for effective shaping! To me, this is the best part of the consultation service!"

On the D'Elegance Shapewear Collection

I have purchased many shapewear since my eldest was born, but this is the first shapewear that i can wear for long hours even in non air conditioned environment. After three weeks of wearing D'Elegance Shapewear daily:

  • I must say that the effect is significant even if I take off the shapewear now, as my tummy used to be even larger! Now, my tummy is flatter even if I do not wear the shapewear in a day.
  • And I am also "addicted" to wearing my D'Elegance shapewears now, I actually feel more comfortable with wearing the shapewears to support my posture and body!
  • I had also become more self-conscious on remembering to eat (previously I skipped meals sometimes due to busy schedule, which resulted in me taking heavy dinner that is actually more fattening on my body)
  • I am happier! My self-esteem has definitely risen and like I always say, a Happy Mummy raises Happy Children!

Before & After

Left: Before wearing D'Elegance Shapewear. Right: After wearing D'Elegance Shapewear

Lim Ting
Mother of two and author of the blog Miracule

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Disclaimer: This review is excerpted from a series of posts done by Ms. Lim Ting, who owns the blog Miracule. Ms. Lim Ting received D’Elegance products for the purpose of this review.