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Ms. Christy Wong

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On her D'Elegance Experience

Elida is a lovely lady who instantly makes you feel at home in her elegant shop. In fact, I view her as a mentor to my womanly concerns. She is a very approachable and a motherly person who is selfless in sharing her experience and advices on taking care of our health and body. She reiterated that being a woman, we should be treating ourselves better. This is especially so after giving birth and we need a stronger body and mental health to be able to run the household. Her positive demeanour in life was infectious and I really left her shop not only feeling happy with my new Shapewear but also a determination to take care of my body and health.

During my personal consultation, Elida chatted to me while helping me to understand my curves and problem areas and recommended the right Shapewear that would enhance my figure and boost my confidence. She taught me how to wear a bra the right way. (Finally I found an expert who shared with me what I had always wanted to know.) She also taught me on the different combinations and ways to wear the Shapewear to suit my different needs on different dresses and clothes. Finally, she took my measurements again with the Shapewear on, and presented me with some pleasantly surprising numbers that I never knew existed on my body.

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On her favourite D’Elegance Shapewear

Long Girdle

Just after 2 days of wearing the long girdle under my pants and long dress for more than 8 hours at work, I stopped wearing it on the 3rd day and wore a pair of shorts. You know what? I could actually see a thigh gap! OMG! Yes, if you have a problem area like me, you will probably understand how I felt when I found a pair of slimmer thighs on the 3rd day! The Shapewear probably works like a memory piece. It remembers the shape of the sculpted thighs and hence, the shape stays. I would not think that this “memory” will last forever just by wearing for 2 days. But certainly, I will persevere to wear it more frequently, and add on brisk walking, I might really get the confidence in wearing short skirts very soon.

Another thing I like about this long girdle is the high waist design. It serves to flatten the tummy and is really designed to ensure all excess fats along the sides of the body are not bulging out. If you do shop around for girdles, most of them have a lower waist design than this one. Hence, this long girdle will be able to firm up the tummy as well as shape up the butt and thighs.

Body Suit

The other piece of Shapewear I love is the Body Suit. This piece serves many problem areas. First of all, it firms up your tummy and stops that bulge from popping out. Secondly, the lace straps tuck the excess fats towards the middle. This one has to complement with the bra which has broad piece of strap supports and broad back support for better results. Thirdly, the backside support lifts your butt up instantly. Lastly, wearing the body suit over the high waist long girdle wraps up all the remaining parts that are not covered anywhere.

You will not see what they call the “muffin tops” and unsightly bulges at the waist line and the bra support areas. You can also wear this body suit on its own and it gives you a flat tummy, lifts your butt and wraps up excess fats all over the upper torso.

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Waist Slimmer

The next piece I like is the waist slimmer. The waist slimmer is much tighter than the long girdle and body suit. It really makes me sit up right, stand straight and walk with a straight back. It helps a lot with my weak back and waist, ensuring that I am always in a good posture no matter what I do. It is best worn together with either the long girdle or the body suit. It can also be worn on its own and you will find a slender waistline.

One thing I feel that can be improved further on this waist slimmer is the design of the entire row of hooks at the back. If I am wearing the waist slimmer on its own around my bare middle torso, I would not be able to shift an inch due to the friction against my skin. Hence I usually wear it with the long girdle or the body suit that will aid the hook up front and turn to back trick that Elida taught me.

Thank you D’ Elegance for boosting my confidence with your amazing Shapewear! I absolutely love it!

Christy Wong
Mother of three and author of the blog Kids R Simple

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Disclaimer: This review is excerpted from a series of posts done by Ms. Christy, who owns the blog Kids R Simple. Ms. Christy received D’Elegance products for the purpose of this review.