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Ms. Cherry Syjongtian

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I have always wanted to maintain my teen-hood slim silhouette but after giving birth to two children, achieving that goal seemed preposterous. Let's be brutally honest here, after childbirth and breastfeeding, a woman's body undergoes major changes that mostly lead to flabby tummy and sagging breasts. I confided to Elida that those are two of my main concerns, on top of my humongous thighs and flat buttocks.

After taking personally my measurements, Rain gave me a brassiere, long girdle, vest and a bodysuit for me to try on. The moment I had them on, it was a jaw-dropping moment. No, I wasn't exaggerating! I was totally in awe of my magical transformation! All Elida and Rain did was to teach me handy tips and show me tricks to achieve an ideal figure that appeared almost perfect to me!

The instant and evident effect?

  • instant bust lift (7cm higher than my usual)
  • slimmer waist line (less 6cm to be exact)
  • flatter tummy (my tight pants became loose)
  • rounder buttocks (goodbye flat buttocks!)
  • slimmer thighs (definitely slimmer than my hubby's! LOL)

Why on earth did I not discover D' Elegance much earlier? Looking at my proprietary chart and my mirror reflection earlier made me feel like I was a queen confidently wearing her crown, well-armed to face the world full of eyes looking for her flaws. For the first time in forever, I am seeing myself in a different light. I regained the vanishing self-confidence I have when it comes to my body shape.

Truly, I can say that D' Elegance luxury shapewear is the elegance every woman deserves.

Cherry Syjongtian
Founding member of Mom Bloggers for Social Good and author of the blog Sweet Memoirs

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Disclaimer: This review is excerpted from a series of posts done by Ms. Cherry, who owns the blog Sweet Memoirs. Ms. Cherry received D’Elegance products for the purpose of this review.