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Ms. Ashlyn Thia

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As a mother to 1, I'm mostly happy with my body. After all, it's the body that has nourish our sweet little darling and I'm proud of it. However, there are still moment when I struggled with my troubled spots and felt sad that I couldn't carry out some dresses like before. I'm weighing the same as before pregnancy but things are just not the same anymore!! I won't go into details here, but basically some areas are less firm, toned and more flabby. In the past, I was always thinking about losing a few more kilos and inches. But now, I just missed how my body was before giving birth.

When I was invited to a review D'Elegance shapewear, I was extremely excited and honoured.

On the D'Elegance Personal Consultation

I totally enjoyed the personal consultation! There isn't any awkwardness. Elida is really knowledgeable and dedicated to helping women. Thanks to her, I have learnt more about my body and found my right fit to enhance & maintain my body shape.

On the D'Elegance Shapewear Collection

When I tried on the body shapewears from D'Elegance, I found some hope in getting into fitted dresses. My greatest worry of bulging tummy was solved instantly! I lost 10cm at my abdomen area. How awesome is that! With the help of D'Elegance girdle, my tummy flattened in a blink. I can finally wear dresses without being too conscious. In fact, I feel so much more confident with a comfortably tucked tummy and slightly lifted butt. I don't need to worry about bulges when I squat or sit down anymore.

My favourite combination would be the brassiere, short girdle and bodysuit. They shape up my body without much effort.

If there's something that every woman must have apart from a good health and a beautiful heart, it's not the body size - it's a nice body shape, and that can be carved out with the help of these shapewears. One who is bigger in size can still look good with a curvy firm body! When all the body concerns are being addressed, women will naturally be more confident and focused to achieve more dreams. And for me, I'm happier too as I get to wear pretty dresses!

Photo Credit: Ashlyn Thia

Thank you D'Elegance! I'm loving how the shapewear keeps my body in good shape!

Ashlyn Thia
Mrs. Singapore World 2015/16 Finalist, author of blog Ashlyn Thia and mother of one

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Disclaimer: This review is excerpted from a series of posts done by Ms. Ashlyn Thia, who owns the blog Ashlyn Thia. Ms. Ashlyn received D’Elegance products for the purpose of this review.