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Ms. Amie Chen

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Having been through 3 pregnancies myself, I'm sure many mothers out there will understand and may have the same dilemma as me. Weight gain, saggy breasts, flabby thighs and that tummy of mine that looks forever 3-4 months "pregnant". It's quite depressing at times when I look at myself in the mirror. Sometimes when I see nice tight fitting dresses, I will reminisce about the past and start to ask myself "where has my 25 inch waistline gone to?"

As time passes, I have started to become less adventurous to try on colourful clothing. My wardrobe is now filled with more dark and black coloured clothing. I mean it is the safest colour to cover my flaws, isn't it? To an extent, my mother even commented to me that I have started to dress like an old auntie. #truestory

When D'Elegance approached me to do a review on their shapewear, I gladly took up the offer to see if these shapewear are able to make any difference to my life. After the personal consultation session with the founder, Ms Elida, I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. She is a very humble lady who is willing to share her knowledge and tips on how to take care of our body and how to wear these shapewear effectively to achieve that figure which I thought was once lost.

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On her D'Elegance Personal Consultation

Here are the reasons why it's worthwhile to attend a one-to-one consultation at D'Elegance:

1. Warm & Cosy Environment
The floor is carpeted and showcase of their shapewears are hung nicely on the rack. The fitting room is spacious and you can sip your tea comfortably inside the room while trying out various types of shapewear.

2. Professionalism
I was seated comfortably at the waiting area and tea was served immediately. I was asked to fill up a personal consultation form. Ms Elida was the personal consultant on that day and shared with me about the long term benefits of wearing shapewear to enhance our figure.

3. One-to-one consultation
I was led into the fitting room and was asked to changed into a night gown and a robe. Ms Elida took my measurements carefully and came back with a few different shapewear for me to try on. The whole process was slow and she took the time to explained to me the correct way to wear these shapewear. After this session, I realised that with the correct push and pull tactics, I was able to conceal and enhance the areas of concern.

4. Free Alteration
The bodysuit needed a slight alteration to suit my size. Ms Elida personally did the alteration to make sure the measurement was done accurately and correctly. This extra service is provided free of charge for all customers.

5. After-sales service
I was told that our body shapes will change due to the prolonged wearing of shapewear. We can make appointments with D'Elegance and come back in every 3 months time for a review session. We can trade in the existing D'Elegance shapewear and purchase new ones at a discounted rate.

Photo credits: Mamamie's Thots

On the D'Elegance Shapewear Collection

I am impressed with D'Elegance shapewear. Not only I could achieve that instant "slim" look on my body, I felt so comfortable wearing them the whole day while doing my annual CNY visiting at relatives' houses. I do not have to worry whether my tummy will protrude out when I sit down anymore.

Their shapewear are made from Wincool fabric and the cooling effect actually can bring down 1-2 degrees celsius from our skin temperature. Personally I have a very "heaty" body so when I wear the shapewear, the comfy level is one of my primary concerns. I am glad to say, I don't feel hot in these shapewear at all.

Thanks to D'Elegance, I learnt so much about taking care of our body and using shapewear to regain back all the confidence which was once lost.

Amie Chen
Author of blog Mamamie's Thots and mother of three

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Disclaimer: This review is excerpted from a series of posts done by Ms. Amie, who owns the blog Mamamie's Thots. Ms. Amie received D’Elegance products for the purpose of this review.