Surprising Weight Loss Habits That Don’t Involve Exercise

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Having a balanced schedule where you can fit in work, social life, rest, and an active lifestyle is a modern challenge of many women. More often than not, the active lifestyle is the one that gets sacrificed, seeing as they are exhausted at the end of a hectic day. While it’s true that consistent exercise and healthy dieting are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, are there other ways for you to lose weight too?

The answer to that is definitely yes, and in this article, we’ll take a look at some surprising weight loss habits that helps you to lose weight fast without exercising. Let’s go!

Habit 1: Use a smaller plate

Corsets, Abdominal Binder

It may seem obvious, but the effects of using a small plate can impact your eating habits positively over time. A smaller plate equals smaller servings, which equal to unconsciously controlling the portions you eat. It’s a great habit to cultivate as it provides you with an easy, mindless way to cut your portions. Eating, especially in unmanaged amounts, is a major component of weight gain. Through this habit, you’ll be able to see results over time without having to go for a run at all.

Habit 2: Always weigh yourself

Corsets, Abdominal Binder

Dieticians say that one of the factors that help in managing and losing weight is consciously taking note of your weight. It is advised that you should weigh yourself daily in the morning and do it for a week straight. Then, add all your daily weight together and divide it by seven, which will show your average and most accurate weight over that week. You can then begin a weight loss routine that helps you to reduce the weight you know, and adjust it accordingly should you lose too much weight or not enough.

Habit 3: Sleep better, sleep more

Corsets, Abdominal Binder

It’s quite noticeable that when someone sleeps less or doesn’t get enough restful sleep, they tend to eat more daily to supplement their energy reserves. This is further supported by studies which show that the bodies of people who experience chronic sleep-deprivation produces higher ghrelin, which is the hormone responsible for stimulating the appetite.

Additionally, the part of the brain that deals with pleasure light up more when a sleep-deprived person eats, compared to people are well-rested.

Therefore, the tired brain as a result of a lack of proper sleep will be more prone to causing you to eat more. When you sleep better and get enough hours, you can manage your eating habits better, leading to weight loss over time.

Habit 4: Wearing shapewear items under your clothes

Corsets, Abdominal Binder

A common misconception is that shapewear helps you to lose weight. However, it should be said that this is not true, and the way that shapewear can affect weight loss is through mental motivation. The beauty of how shapewear items such as corsets or abdominal binders work are that they smoothen parts of your body and give you a more slimmer appearance.

This slim appearance is the motivational factor that helps you to envision the physique that you can have. Wearing shapewear pieces helps you to identify target areas that you wish to tone or slim down, and can assist you in keeping a positive outlook in your weight loss journey.

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