Postpartum Bodyshaping

Post-natal mothers can get back in shape faster with the D’Elegance collection of shapewear, which combines craftsmanship and innovation with quality, light and airy fabrics that are suited to our tropical climate.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body tends to experience many hormonal and physiological changes. To help loosen the abdominal muscles and the pelvic structure while supporting joints and ligaments to prepare for childbirth, there will be an increase in hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and relaxin. These hormones continue to remain in a woman’s body for at least six months after childbirth and naturally affect a woman’s figure.

Our body-shaping products can help mothers shape up by drawing in stretched muscles, providing a support structure around the torso and reducing strain on ligaments and joints in the lower back, pelvis and bottom.

This category showcases a selection of shapewear products that are designed to help post-natal mothers to accelerate the healing process, minimize stretch marks, decrease bloating and swelling, and also flatten their tummy, waist and hips.

Rediscover your beauty as these body shapers work to bring your post baby figure back in fine form.

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