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The Best Part?

I’ll show you how to do it in the safest and most natural way possible,  with no weight-loss industry claim of any kind: No pills, no crash diets, no powders, no supplements, no “insane” workouts, no cutting carbs and no giving up your favourite foods… Or else you don’t pay a single cent.

As Seen In…

If you’re an Asian woman who wants startling new posture and figure improvement overnight… then this will be the most exciting message you ever read.

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From the desk of Elida Teh

Sunday, 4 February, 2018

Hi! I’m Elida, and in a moment, you’ll hear the story of how I went from being a Singapore kampong girl who lost my figure after giving birth, to restoring my confidence after discovering an amazing body-shaping secret, and creating my own collection of body-shaping products – at the age of 42.

This is also the same body-shaping solution I still use today to stay in shape after age 55.

More importantly, you’ll see how these little-known secrets of thousands of all-natural women are the key to erasing YOUR most stubborn figure problems and getting the body YOU want.

But first, let’s address the elephant in the room…

This Body-Shaping Solution Is Not For Everyone

I want you to know right before we go anywhere, this is expensive. It can be very expensive.

I have to find out what your goals and concerns are first, but expect this to be expensive.

If you’re a price shopper, this isn’t going to work for you. I can’t help you because what we offer is for value shoppers. 

There are a lot more conventional products and solutions you can try, and I’m happy to tell you about them, but ours is special.

(You can check out the price for each item and for our special packages at the end of this message.)

But if you are a value shopper then here’s my promise to you:

Get Instant & Comfortable Shaping, Or You Pay Nothing

How does this work?

I’ll give you the chance to test out my body-shaping solution for FREE and see how you can use it to soften the effects of time to:

And if you’re not 100% amazed by what you see, then you don’t have to buy anything. You risk nothing but your time.

Read this page to the end, and I’ll also give you all the details about this unusual solution that thousands of women have already used – instead of only dieting or exercising – to transform their bodies forever.

But first…

Here’s proof of how this body-shaping solution has worked for thousands of women just like YOU

Video: Singer-songwriter Tay Kewei Talks About Body-Shaping Experience with D’Elegance

”For the full month party for my baby, I actually wore a very tight fitting, (kinda like a) Body pantsuit…. And I felt really good because all my friends would see me and would be like “you became so slim!” 

-Tay Kewei


Video: Elaine and Angels share how D’Elegance helped them get back in shape quickly after childbirth

“I wouldn’t say that D’Elegance is comparable because it’s much superior than the other products you’ll see in the market”

– Elaine

“Because I’ll start filming for a new TV show soon and because I’ve only just given birth recently, I wanted to tame my tummy and get back in shape as fast as possible”

– Angels

Video: Radha Talks About How She Achieved A Slimmer Figure And Fit Into Her Favourite Dresses With D’Elegance

“After I tried D’Elegance shapewear with the dress I brought for myself… I was really really amazed because I was looking very slim so I really liked it a lot”

– Radha


Video: Summer Couldn’t Believe Shapewear Could Be So Comfortable

“The consultation was very comfortable. It was not pushy. You feel very at ease. And I made my choice – I came down, I tried, and I bought something because it’s so comfortable.”

– Summer

I Lost 8cm Around My Waist And Belly

“Just by putting on the basic set, I lost a total of 8cm around my waist and belly area. EIGHT!

Besides shaping my body, D’Elegance provides really good back support and work their magic in ensuring I keep my posture right, whether I’m standing, sitting, or out and about chasing or carrying the children.”

I Posted A Photo On Facebook And It Ended As My Most-Talked-About Post

“The instant and evident effect of wearing D’Elegance: Instant bust lift (7cm higher than my usual), slimmer waist line (less 6cm to be exact), flatter tummy (my tight pants became loose), rounder buttocks (goodbye flat buttocks), slimmer thighs (definitely slimmer than my hubby’s!)

I posted a photo on Facebook and it ended as my most-talked about post in 2015! I received so many great feedback and awe-inspiring comments. Why on earth did I not discover D’ Elegance much earlier? Worth every single dollar that you’re going to spend.”

My Tummy Flattened In A Blink And I Feel Much More Confident

“D’Elegance shapes up my body without much effort, are comfortable and surprisingly aren’t stuffy. I lost 10cm at my abdomen area and my tummy flattened in a blink.

I feel so much more confident with a comfortably tucked tummy and slightly lifted butt, without needing to worry about bulges when I squat or sit down anymore.”

I Shaved A Whopping 4cm Off My Waist And 9cm Off My Abdomen

“With just the girdle alone, I shaved a whopping 4cm off my waist and 9cm off my abdomen and easily fit into clothes almost ONE SIZE SMALLER than what I usually wear.

The shapewear fitting helped me understand how to care for my body and how the right shapewear can help me to achieve a nicer silhouette.”

Really Amazed Because I Was Looking Very Slim

“I was met by these two wonderful ladies who actually brought me through the whole process – the selection, the right size, the customized products.

I brought my dress along with me so I could see the results – which is the before and after and compare it myself.

After trying the shapewear products with my dress, I was really amazed because I was looking very slim.”

Best Part: My Backache Is Gone

“I was shown how to move my fats from my back and armpits area to the chest. It was amazing that after their adjustment, I could fill the cups much better, something which I thought I could only dream about.

The Bodysuit makes me feel more feminine as it supports and keeps me in good posture. The best part is that I actually feel that my backache is gone instantaneously!”

First Shapewear I Can Wear For Long Hours Without Aircon

“All along, I had thought I was an A cup. But I was amazed when Elida got me the C cup bra to try on instead. After putting it on and she showed me how to adjust correctly, I was able to fill the C cup bra fully, all with my own assets and read this: there are no paddings or push up function whatsoever.

I have purchased many shapewear before, but this is the first shapewear that I can wear for long hours even in non-air-conditioned environment. After wearing D’Elegance shapewear, my self-esteem has definitely risen and like I always say, a Happy Mummy raises Happy Children!”

No More Spillage Of Tummy Fats

“The shapewear addressed one of my major concerns – skinny fats that cause an increase in my waist line. After I put it on, there was no more spillage of tummy fats.

This is what I call MAGIC. It’s that simple – no pills, no sweat, just the long girdle!”

Abdomen Shrunk By 7cm. Finally Found Something I Love And Is Comfortable.

“After wearing D’Elegance shapewear, my bust circumference increased, my abdomen shrunk by 7cm and my hip line by 1cm.

In my many years of being fitted for bras and corset from another well-known brand, I personally know how fantastic and what a huge relief it is to walk out of a store knowing you have finally found something that you love and most importantly is comfortable.”

Awesome Customer Service And A Fruitful Visit To The Boutique

“Received awesome customer service by Angie and Elida. Most importantly, they are not pushy at all. A fruitful visit to the boutique and glad to learn the proper way to wear the undergarments.

Extremely excited and can’t wait to see the ‘afterwear’ slimming effect. Thank you very much for the excellent service I received and will definitely refer friends who are keen to these products.”

Easy To Put On And Product Quality Is Superb

“The consultation is very relaxing and informative, during which I have learnt a lot about how women can take care of our body. I have used other shapewear previously, and know how it can help our body to achieve the long term benefit of having the right parts at the right place.

The product quality is superb, and easy to put on. I particularly like the bodysuit as it makes me feel “upright” instantly, holding the body in the right posture. I look forward to seeing the transformation of my body shape over time.”

I Definitely Recommend D’Elegance For Those Who Are Flying

“My consultant, Rain, was friendly, accomodating and willing to listen to my concerns. During the fitting, she was efficient and extremely knowledgeable about the products.

I needed support and help since a long time ago due to back aches and posture issues. I’ll definitely recommend D’Elegance to the ladies around me, especially those who are still flying. An Excellent service that made me feel at ease, many thanks for the wonderful experience today.”

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The Proven Method Behind D’Elegance Shapewear

The proven method D’Elegance used to help these women achieve their body-shaping and posture-improving goals is simple…

It is a collection of body-shaping underwear (‘shapewear’) that is designed to:

If You Mean Business About Taking Years Off The Appearance Of Your Figure, Then Here Are The Weapons You Need

First of all, a new bra designed to gently sculpt the perfect cleavage, prevent breasts from sagging and outspreading, and ease that feeling of tiredness around the breasts themselves that ruins the sparkle and beauty of your entire upper body.

Second, a girdle that you can slip on every morning. That not only restores strength to your natural body-shaping muscles, but actually compresses excess flab – the same way as when you push your hands on your belly to push in the fat – to slim you up to 4 inches instantly.

Third, a bodysuit designed to restore the sharp contours of youth to your figure. Just this piece alone – which smooths out curves and bumps that would otherwise hang loosely on your body – could virtually melt away years off the appearance of your figure and posture.

But this is only the beginning.

Every day you put on your D’Elegance shapewear, you’re given another professional beauty benefit, to transform another aspect of your life:

And on. And on. And on again.

Every day for the next fifty years – another previously undreamed of source of dazzling new beauty.

You’ll also discover how your posture alone – and a simple improvement in it that stalls the effect of gravity on your body and cause it to firm up your muscles instead of collapse them – can make you appear younger, taller and more confident overnight, so you’ll quickly win the respect and trust of powerful people the moment you walk into a room.

And this is still just the beginning.

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Which Parts Of Your Body Have You Always Wanted To Remodel?

Your waist – tummy – thighs – even bottom and Bust?

Then try these elegant, gentle SUPER-FEMINIZING Shapewear – and watch the startling difference

Whether you’re looking to

You’ll be able to find what you need in our carefully curated collection of D’Elegance Shapewear that is designed to give you a way of life that you can not only follow to improve your figure and posture, but to maintain that improved figure and posture for the rest of your life.

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Why Choosing D’Elegance Shapewear Will Give You An Unfair Advantage Over Others

A word of caution must be inserted here, however: Not all shapewear are created equal, so the result (or the lack of it) you see will vary across brands.

But that also means that if you know how to get the right shapewear for yourself, you will gain an unfair advantage over other women in restoring and preserving your figure and posture.

Here’s what makes D’Elegance Shapewear different from the others (and why women are stunned and sobbing with joy after trying it out):

Difference #1

D’Elegance is especially designed to fit Asian women like you

Why? Because with other brands, you’re forced to fit into moulds that are made for Western women.

That not only stops you from seeing results, but worse, can cause bulges all over your body that become harder to erase over time and sabotage your figure.

We’ve designed our shapewear to fit the unique physique of Asian women like you accordingly and give you the stunning silhouette you deserve.

Designed specially to fit Asian women

Difference #2

D’Elegance was created by real women to solve problems for real women

Why is this important? See, most brands create their products using a mannequin as a guide and their own idea of what’s right for you then try and sell you the product. Unsurprisingly, that means you often don’t get the results you desire…

But D’Elegance Shapewear is created for real women by real women. How so? We created our products only after we served the needs of over 50,000 women just like you and listened to what you crave for.
For instance, women who have worn (or considered) a girdle to flatten their tummy always tell us that one of their biggest fears is that the girdle will roll down to create an embarrassing bulge that you can do nothing about in public (at least not without people giving you weird stares)…

But we knew this from the very beginning and made a small change in the design of our girdles – a high-waist, V-shape band…

Most women scoff when they hear about this ‘fix’… until they try on a D’Elegance girdle and gasp in delight as they see inches shaved off their waistline… without the girdle ever rolling down. We anticipate and solve your problems for you, so you don’t have to.

Solving Your Figure Problems With Smart Design
We Anticipate & Solve Your Problems

Difference #3

D’Elegance will last you six times longer than other conventional shapewear

Why? Firstly, because we use only the highest quality fabrics and accessories.

Second, because we work only with a close partner who has over 40 years of experience and expertise producing nothing else but women’s intimate apparels for the most demanding clients from Japan, Asia, Europe and America.

These two factors combine to create the most wickedly effective shapewear you’ve ever worn before… that will last you three years – at least (that’s 6 times more than what you’ll get from any other brand in the market.)

Built To Withstand The Test Of Time

Difference #4

D’Elegance keeps you cool and comfortable all day by using only light, breathable and airy fabrics

Why? Because 99% of the time, you’ll be wearing your D’Elegance Shapewear in tropical climates like Singapore’s, and you won’t be able to keep your shapewear on unless you feel comfortable.

Comfort is normally hard to get… but we know how to deliver it with the right fabrics. You’ll be able to enjoy all-day comfort and stay cool as a cucumber – even in the most humid of weathers.

Light, Breathable & Airy Fabrics Keep You Cool All Day

How Soon Can You See Results With D’Elegance?

You’ll see results instantly once you put on D’Elegance Shapewear.

But because our shapewear are so incredibly gentle and comfortable – because the six to eight hours you spend with them every day are not only the complete opposite of discomfort, but downright enjoyable – you will almost certainly believe for the first day or two that they cannot possibly be doing you that much good when you’re not wearing it.

It is only after the first 14 days that the true results of this revolutionary solution to instant slimming and contouring really begin to show themselves:

In the buoyancy with which you bounce out of bed every morning…

In the youthful body that greets you day after day in your mirror…

In the way that clothes that have been too tight for you for months begin to sag and billow on your new body…

And most of all, in the startled reaction – not only of your friends – but of your own husband and family, as they stare at you with an intensity of sheer admiration that you have not seen on their faces for years!

And this is still just the beginning. For now comes the real payoff!

Get your FREE consultation and fitting now!

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How Do You Know If D’Elegance Will Work For YOU?

I’ve told you what D’Elegance Shapewear can do for you but that’s not enough, is it?

Of course not! You’ll want to see…

Cold, hard proof that it works for YOU!

You want specific and measurable results.

And that’s a wise thing to do. Why?

Because in the undewear industry, it’s a well-known fact that shapewear is the most demanding and technical niche in terms of engineering and skill set.

A shaping bra, for instance, requires extreme specificity and expertise. Even one millimetre off can mean the difference between all-day comfort and having to adjust your bra every 2 minutes…

…Or between a perfect bust line and having to deal with stubborn bulges all the time.

So now comes the second part in your path to a dazzling new figure.

If You Mean Business About Taking Inches Off Your Figure And Improving Your Posture Instantly, Then Here Is A Scientific Method – Simple, Realistic And Surprisingly Comfortable

Here’s the deal: If you give me an hour of your time, I will show you how D’Elegance Shapewear works for you.


By giving you a shapewear consultation and fitting at D’Elegance.

Here’s what happens during your one-hour session with us:

Can a simple solution like wearing D’Elegance shapewear really make that much of a difference for you?

You bet it can!

Here’s More Proof of How A Simple Solution Like D’Elegance Shapewear Can Work For YOU

Got My Thigh Gap Back

“After deciding to give D’Elegance a try, I was converted, for real. I love how all the products complement each other. My favourite is the Long Girdle.

It effectively kept my tummy in and my waist and hip bulges safely out of the way. Also, I got my thigh gap back! What’s not to love?”

I Achieved An Hourglass Figure And Looked Pounds Lighter Instantly

“I got to know about D’Elegance in 2007. After wearing the bra, bodysuit and long girdle for a while, I was able to achieve an hourglass figure at all times and look inches smaller and pounds lighter instantly.

My colleagues and husband even complimented me about my sexier and slimmer figure. The fabric is so comfortable that it makes me want to wear it all the time.”

I Do Not Have To Worry About My Tummy Protruding Anymore

“I am impressed with D’Elegance shapewear. Not only I could achieve that instant “slim” look on my body, I felt so comfortable wearing them the whole day while doing my annual CNY visiting at relatives’ houses.

I do not have to worry whether my tummy will protrude out when I sit down anymore.”

Highly Recommended For Mummies To Shape Their Body After Pregnancy

“I tried on the bra, long girdle and bodysuit and was amazed at how my bulges were smoothed out instantly.

All my problem areas were either tucked in or lifted, giving me the desired shape I wanted.

Would highly recommend D’Elegance to mummies who would like to shape their body after the pregnancy!”

My Body Shape Changed For The Better And Stays That Way

“I am truly happy with D’Elegance shapewear. They help to flatten my tummy, lift up my bust, and encourage me to maintain a good posture. Most importantly, I’ve gained more self-confidence of my body.

If you are able to wear it for the long term, you will notice your body shape changing for the better and stays there. In fact, even when I don’t wear the girdle now, my tummy appears flatter than it was before I started on this journey.

Now, I need to be more consistent in wearing the long girdle to shape my flabby thighs.”

I Truly Appreciate Their Professionalism And Sales Ethics – No Awkwardness At All

“Detailed product explanation and advice on how to wear them properly removed my initial concerns and awkwardness.

I truly appreciate their professionalism and sales ethics. They recommended me the suitable products and advised me to purchase the items that fit my budget and preference. Totally no hardselling involved.

I would definitely wear my purchase conscientiously and am looking forward to seeing the results.”

It’s So Comfortable

“The consultation was very comfortable and it was not pushy – you feel very at ease.

And I made my choice – I came down, I tried, and I bought something because it’s so comfortable.”

Shaved 7cm Off My Abdomen And Waist Line, And My Legs Even Measured 3CM Longer…

“I was shocked to see that D’Elegance shapewear not only shaved 7cm off my abdomen and waist line but added 1cm to my chest line.

My legs even measured 3cm longer than before even (due to the thigh fat being pushed back to the bottom).

Also, the shapewear is comfortable – I actually wore it on a week where I was outdoors a lot and I didn’t feel the heat even with a body suit and long girdle on.”

High Quality Products And Good Body Support… I Saved Precious Time And Money

“My hunt for the perfect bra stopped when I chanced upon D’Elegance in 2009. Their bras gave me the comfort and support I needed and contoured my body perfectly.

I highly recommend D’Elegance for her high quality products and good body support. Ever since I discovered the D’Elegance brand, I have saved not only precious time but also money while looking for the perfect lingerie.”

I Highly Recommend You To Come And See It For Yourself

“I came with an open mind and walked away with many of D’Elegance’s products. And the reason why was because I was so comfortable with their service and with what the products really do.

My tummy became flatter immediately, I looked good and I felt more confident. I highly recommend you guys to come and see it for yourselves.”

Are These Women Any Different Than You?

No, they are not. They represent successful career women, doting mothers and loving wives with the same passion and zest you have for a beautiful life.

The only thing they did was to put their doubts aside… and give D’Elegance Shapewear a try.

If you, too, can simply put your doubts aside for a short while, you can see for yourself just what it’s like to shave inches off your waistline and tummy… lift your bust and bottom instantly… and gain an almost-shocking improvement in your figure and posture so fast your friends will beg you to tell them the secret!

Get your FREE consultation and fitting now!

Or click here to call us now: (+65) 6226 3013

How Much Does It Cost To Invest In D’Elegance Shapewear?

D’Elegance shapewear products are priced from S$298 to S$608 a piece. (See price details in FAQ section below)

Most women find the price to be reasonable for the benefits you get…

Some have even told us that they find D’Elegance shapewear to be a steal considering how much more money and time they’ve wasted before on other solutions that do not even begin to work…

But there will also be some who may find the pricing to be outside of their means right now…

I completely understand and let’s face it – we all have to work within a budget…

But there is always a difference between a purchase and an investment.

With a purchase, the value usually goes down, so regardless of what you spend – whether you can afford it or not – it’s never going to appreciate or justify its value.

But with an investment – like D’Elegance Shapewear is – what you spend always justifies itself and ends up either saving you money in the long run or paying for itself month after month.

And it always makes sense to invest in yourself, don’t you agree?

I’m glad you do. Then here’s what I recommend we do…

Before You Decide Anything, Try It Out For Yourself Entirely At Our Risk

The usual price for a one-hour, one-to-one consultation and fitting at D’Elegance is S$197.

This is a small price to pay considering how much more you’ll be saving from not having to squander your precious time, money and effort on other solutions that simply do not work…

… and of course, considering all the secrets you’ll discover that lets you take years off the appearance of your figure and never have to worry about looking your best again.

But for a limited time only, we’re giving you a chance to enjoy this one-hour, one-to-one consultation and fitting at D’Elegance for…


That’s right – You get to try D’Elegance shapewear entirely at our risk.

And if you’re not amazed and delighted with every result you see, then you don’t have to buy anything. You risk nothing but your time.

Why Am I Making You Such A Generous Offer?

Easy – Because it’s not only the most effective, but also the most honest, straightforward, aboveboard and ethical method of persuasion I can think of.

And it’s also because I feel like every woman needs a little bit of joy in their lives – doesn’t matter what it is. Every woman.

So far, every single client I know who has experienced the thrill of wearing D’Elegance shapewear has been using it ever since… with results that – as you saw in the above testimonials – almost defy belief.

So, I’m pretty confident it can work magic for you, too.

Think about it: Standing there with a smile on your face, knowing that you now have in your hands the proven means to restore and preserve the most priceless possession you will ever have – your youth…

That would mean something, wouldn’t it?

You bet it would. And you have absolutely nothing to lose with this super-generous free offer!

I’m a mother, and I raised my children to keep their promises.

Perhaps more importantly, I’m a woman, just like you – and I honestly want to share this amazing new shapewear with you, and I don’t want you to have to fret about getting “taken” or “pressured” or anything.

I’ve been duped before by phony experts, only to realise I had spent thousands of dollars on things that do not work. It’s hard to find someone you trust. That’s why I’m being so generous.

The choice is now yours. You can sit helplessly by and watch your figure get older and older every day – watch your body get weaker and weaker every day. Or you can decide to stop this premature ageing right now, and bring back the youth and vitality you may have thought you’d lost forever!

This is an offer for women who mean business. If you mean business, click on the button below to submit your particulars and we’ll get back to you within a day.

So sign up or call right now. You have nothing to lose… and everything to gain when you see your new figure in a very short time!

Yours sincerely


P.S. Please sign up (or call) right now, while you’re still reading. There’s no risk, no reason at all not to try this amazing shapewear for yourself… and yet this hot deal may never be offered again! Don’t let this chance to restore and preserve your youth forever slip you by!

IMPORTANT: I’ve can make this Free Consultation Offer for a limited time ONLY. Once the promo ends, this deal will vanish and I cannot promise you that it’ll be offered again.

Get your FREE consultation and fitting now!

Or click here to call us now: (+65) 6226 3013

P.P.S. In case you’re one of those women (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

I have a proven body-shaping solution called D’Elegance Shapewear that is designed:

I’m offering you a chance to get a FREE consultation and fitting (that will normally cost you S$197) to try D’Elegance Shapewear.

You get to see how well it works for you – just like how it has worked for thousands of other women.

There’s no catch, no gimmicks, no hard-selling involved.

If fact, if you are not amazed with every result, you don’t need to buy anything at all.

So, click the button below to sign up for your FREE consultation and fitting at D’Elegance now. You won’t regret it.

Get your FREE consultation and fitting now!

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IMPORTANT: I’ve can make this Free Consultation Offer for a limited time ONLY. Once the promo ends, this deal will vanish and I cannot promise you that it’ll be offered again.

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Frequently Asked Questions About D’Elegance Shapewear

Who should wear D’Elegance shapewear?

D’Elegance shapewear is for you if:

How do I know if D’Elegance shapewear will really work for me?

Here’s the deal: For a limited time only, I’m waiving our S$197/hour consultation fee for you so you can enjoy a free, one-hour, no-obligation shapewear consultation and fitting session with us.

In this session, you get to try out this proven body-shaping solution and see how you can use it to soften the effects of time… to free your appearance from the prison of your calendar age… to help bring back the exuberant glow of youth to every inch of your body!

And if you’re not 100% amazed by what you see, then you don’t have to buy anything. You risk nothing but your time.

Will wearing D’Elegance shapewear result in weight loss?

No, wearing D’Elegance shapewear alone will not result in weight loss. For weight loss success, there has to be a combination of four elements – nutrition (calorie quantity and quality), weight/resistance training (burns a ton of fat), cardio training (accelerates fat burning) and mental training (goal setting, beliefs and behaviors).

However, if your one of your motivations for wanting to lose weight is to look better and feel more confident, then know that D’Elegance shapewear can help you by instantly and comfortably creating a better proportioned figure… encouraging a healthier and more poised posture… and also providing your body with the support it needs even when you’re not actively working out and regardless of your current weight.

What’s the largest size you can cater for?

As a guide, we’re able to fit clients who weigh less than or equal to 110kg.

Can I still wear my D’Elegance shapewear if my weight changes?

As a guide, your D’Elegance shapewear will fit you as long as your weight change is within 7kg.

Can wearing D’Elegance shapewear help to increase my cup size?

D’Elegance shapewear will not physically increase the size of your breasts, but it can shift your body fat to the correct position so that you appear to have a fuller bust.

In fact, we’ve had more than one client tell us she lived her whole life thinking she was an ‘A’ cup, only to realise through a proper fitting that when shapewear is worn correctly, she could fill a ‘B’ or ‘C’ cup easily – with no padding at all.

Here’s a simple way to look at it – if you want to bake a cake that weighs 2kg, you will need at least the same amount worth in ingredients.

How do you tell if you have the ‘ingredients’ in this case? Simple! You just have to bend forward slightly and look in the mirror. If you can see them, then they exist, and D’Elegance shapewear can help to bring them back even when you are standing upright.

Can I wear D’Elegance shapewear to sleep?

It depends. When we are sleeping, mind and body repair takes place, and the body’s muscles are at the most relaxed state. That’s why we usually don’t recommend you to wear tight clothing or lingerie with underwire while sleeping because you don’t want to stress the body during this vital period of repair.

If you’re wearing your D’Elegance shapewear for 6-8 hours during the day, it is enough to give your body the support it needs. However, if you’d like to continue shaping your figure while you sleep, you can consider wearing the D’Elegance bodysuit and girdles (without underwire) to sleep.

Why do I need to go through a consultation and fitting before I can purchase D’Elegance shapewear?

Because no two bodies are alike, we need to take proper measurements and understand your body so we can find the right products that best fits your needs, goals and budget. This means you’ll be able to achieve the results you want faster and easier.

During your fitting, we’ll also show you simple tips and tricks so you’ll be able to put on your D’Elegance shapewear easily and correctly so you’ll maximise the body-shaping and posture-improving results you get.

How long will the consultation and fitting take?

It’ll take one hour. But, if our schedule allows for it, we may be able to extend it by 15-30 minutes for you if you wish to try more items during your fitting or have more questions for your consultant (which is usually the case). If you wish to reserve more than an hour, then please let us know at the time of your booking (charges may apply).

How much will the consultation and fitting cost?

The usual fee for a one-hour consultation and fitting at D’Elegance is S$197. But, for a limited time only, you can enjoy this consultation and fitting for FREE by signing up for our online promotion.

Must I buy something after the consultation and fitting?

No, there is no need for you to make any purchase unless you want to.

Will there be any hard-selling during the consultation and fitting? Please be honest.

Honestly, no, we don’t do hard-selling. We at D’Elegance have served thousands of women in Singapore ever since we were founded in 2004 and we’ve always believed in letting our products and service speak for themselves.

What kind of results can I expect to see from wearing D’Elegance shapewear?

You can take a look at the testimonials above. But remember – every woman is built differently and results will vary for each woman, so the best way to find out how D’Elegance shapewear will work for YOU is to try it out for yourself.

Am I too young to start wearing D’Elegance shapewear?

As long as you’ve passed your puberty stage, you can begin wearing D’Elegance shapewear to preserve your figure, maintain a great posture and slow down your body’s ageing.

Am I too old to start wearing D’Elegance shapewear?

No, you’re not. Here’s the thing, the most senior client whom I have had the pleasure of serving was a wonderful lady who was in her seventies (this was back in 2004 when I founded D’Elegance). I still recall what she said to me back then after she put on her D’Elegance shapewear and then the cheongsam she was going to wear to her grandson’s wedding:

“Now I can grow old gracefully…”

This sentence has stuck with me all these years and it’s one of the most cherished moments that I have about being in this business. I keep the memory close to heart because it reminds me that whether it is healthier eating, regular exercise, or wearing shapewear, we are never too old to take care of ourselves.

I cannot guarantee that D’Elegance shapewear will definitely suit your needs, but I promise to do my best help you find something suitable for you.

I’ve read so many positive testimonials but I’m skeptical that this could all be paid advertising.

In 2015/16, we sponsored 14 mom bloggers with D’Elegance shapewear products and some of the testimonials that you read from our sign-up page came from their review of our products. Many of these mom bloggers also bought more items than what they were sponsored with.

You can read about their full experience with D’Elegance shapewear by visiting our testimonials page.

The other half of the testimonials from our sign-up page came from our clients who are happy with the results they got and graciously agreed to share their D’Elegance experience with other women. We’ve never paid money for a testimonial before (what’s the point, right?) nor do we have any intention to do so.

But yes, you’re absolutely right to be skeptical because that’s the best way to protect ourselves and make informed choices to our benefit.

All I’ll ask is for you to consider if the price range for D’Elegance shapewear is within your budget and if this time-tested and body-shaping solution might be something you need. If yes, then come and try out D’Elegance shapewear for yourself before you decide on anything.

How much is D’Elegance Shapewear?

D’Elegance shapewear is priced from S$298 to S$638 per piece.


The brassiere is great for

Available Colours

Brassiere with Hook

The brassiere with front hook is great for

Available Colours


The bodysuit is great for

Available Colours

Long Girdle

The long girdle is great for

Available Colours

Short Girdle

The short girdle is great for

Available Colours

Anti-hunch Vest

The anti-hunch vest is great for

Available Colours

Waist Slimmer

The waist slimmer is great for

Available Colours


The corset is great for

Available Colours


The panty is great for

Available Colours

If you wish to enjoy savings and free gifts, then check out our package promotions below.

Why do you charge so much for D’Elegance shapewear compared to conventional products in the market?

Because we can. Because thousands of women like you who have tried D’Elegance shapewear are not only willing to pay what we’re asking for, but are happy to do so for the instant results and the quality service we deliver.

And most importantly, it’s because D’Elegance clients understand these two important ideas:

1. D’Elegance shapewear is not a simple purchase but an investment

We all have to work within a budget, but there is always a difference between a purchase and an investment.

With a purchase, the value usually goes down, so regardless of what you spend – whether you can afford it or not – it’s never going to appreciate or justify its value.

But with an investment – like D’Elegance Shapewear is – what you spend always justifies itself and ends up either saving you money in the long run or paying for itself month after month.

And D’Elegance clients understand that it always makes sense for you to invest in yourself.

(2) Nothing else in the market comes close in terms of delivering long-term results and comfort

D’Elegance shapewear is a proven and natural body-shaping solution that that’s entirely different from the other methods you may have tried before, including:

(a) Shapewear products (regardless of the price) that were not well-designed or properly-fitted to your needs, which often end up causing more figure problems than you had from the beginning.

(b) Fat reduction treatments that require a few treatments before you see results and that are on average, S$700 per treatment. These treatments focus on reducing fat and not on shaping your body (In fact, many women may find that their body remains flabby even after these treatments, prompting them to turn to shapewear as a complement and for support)

In fact, we are so confident about our products that we are thinking of raising our prices soon.

Are there any package promotions?

We offer three packages with discounts and gifts – Essential, Deluxe and Luxurious.

How can I get a discount on regular-priced D’Elegance shapewear items?

There are two ways you can enjoy a discount on regular-priced items:

  1. With a minimum spending of $1000, you’ll become a D’Elegance VIP Member and be entitled to a 15% lifetime discount off all regular-priced items, birthday specials and gifts, and much more.
  2. If you’re referred to us by a friend or family member who is already a D’Elegance client, then you’ll be able to enjoy a 5% discount off all regular-priced items.

Are there any interest-free installment payment plans available?

Yes, we offer 6 months and 12 months interest-free installment payment for purchases above S$500 for UOB credit and DBS/POSB credit card members.

I wish to give D’Elegance shapewear a try. How do I get started?

Click on the button below to submit your contact info and my team and I will be in touch with you within a day to help you make an appointment.

Get your FREE consultation and fitting now!

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IMPORTANT: I’ve can make this Free Consultation Offer for a limited time ONLY. Once the promo ends, this deal will vanish and I cannot promise you that it’ll be offered again.

How A Kampong Girl Stumbled Upon This Body-Shaping Solution You’ve Just Read About

Pssssst… Wanna Hear A Story?

I have to warn you, it’s a story that’s a bit embarrassing to share…

Yet it’s a story you absolutely need to hear, because many of my clients tell me it gave them an “a-ha moment” that quickly allowed them to understand how this body-shaping solution you’ve just read about works and helps them attain a better figure and posture than they imagined possible before…


I Was Not Always An Entrepreneur, Shapewear Expert And Designer

…and I certainly wasn’t serving women from all walks of life (including a First Lady herself)…

…or speaking at organisations such as OCBC Bank, Keppel Land, ST Kinetics, NTUC Women’s Development Secretariat, York Hotel and so on…

…or getting invited to local TV stations – Channel 8 and Channel U – to share my proven body-shaping solutions with over 486,000 viewers in Singapore…

Not by a long shot…

D’Elegance Shapewear as seen on Channel U Ladies Nite Season 1 (2011)
Founder Elida as seen on Channel 8 Ladies Nite Season 2 (2013)

Rather, I Was Just A Kampong Girl And School Dropout

You see, I was born in a Singapore kampong called Charn Mao Hern (‘葱茅园’) and was the eldest among my five siblings.

Times were tough and our family had to make ends meet, so I left school when I was 14 to help my mum sell vegetables at a wet market in Eunos.

Later, I worked in a garment factory for eight years, before taking up waitressing at a local restaurant (Jack’s Place Steak House) because their flexible work arrangements allowed me to look after my two children.

And I Was A Mother Who Lost Her Figure After Giving Birth

Having kids brought me a lot of joy but it also caused my figure to go out of shape…

I looked everywhere for a solution to get back in shape…

It was also then that I realized a woman’s shape and weight are two different matters…

My weight went up and down as I went in and out of various dieting programs…

But no matter how my weight changed, my figure remained flabby and loose – a stark difference from my days as a bride.

And Who Found It Impossible To Regain My Figure Even Though I Was So Young

Because of my active lifestyle and youth (I was only 26 after my second child), however, I used to think that it was only a matter of time before my former figure returns to me…

So I waited…

And waited…

And waited…

And I don’t have to tell you what a shock it was to wake up one day and realize that once you go past 30, your figure begins to move in only one direction – downwards.

I Thought I Was Doomed To Be “Out-Of-Shape” After 30, But Then…

In 1997, a good friend introduced me to a product called ‘shapewear’ (we knew it as body-shaping underwear or 调整型内衣 back then)…

She told me that shapewear could take years off the appearance of my figure by lifting, shaping and firming my body in all the right places…

I thought this sounded too good to be true, but decided to give it a try anyway (I mean, what else did I have to lose?)…

Here’s what happened next:

My Figure Literally Transformed Right In Front Of My Eyes

I stood taller, my tummy flattened instantly, my bust and buttocks were lifted.

I had never seen a slimmer and shapelier me after my second child.

But most importantly, I felt a sense of newfound confidence… that I had the potential to achieve so much more in life.

“I Need To Tell Every Woman Out There About This”

Have you ever tasted a piece of chocolate so delicious and delightful before…

Caught the scent of a perfume so fragrant and agreeable…

Listened to a song so melodic and meaningful…

Or seen a scenery so beautiful and breath-taking…

…That you felt compelled to tell your loved ones about it?

That’s what happened to me with shapewear.

A “Miracle Pill” Solution To Restore And Preserve A Woman’s Figure

You see, I had been praying all along for some kind of a ‘miracle pill’ to help busy women like us to fight the unrelenting forces of gravity, restore our figure, and keep us in shape.

And to realize that a solution existed already had me giddy with excitement.

But to realize that the solution was found in something that was so close to our heart and body – underwear and lingerie – was simply amazing to me… Why?

Because you and I put on underwear every single day.

And if your underwear doesn’t just protect your modesty… but is constantly shaping your body and giving you a better posture every second that you’re wearing it.

What would happen if you wear it every day for the rest of your life?

That’s what I wanted to find out.

So I committed myself to wearing shapewear regularly since 1997.

I also turned my passion for shapewear into my lifelong career.

And between 1997 to 2000 alone, I served the shapewear needs of over 50,000 women, helping them to discover the wonders of shapewear.

But What Of All The ‘Shapewear Horror Stories’ You’ve Been Told Before?

Glad you asked.

In my 20 years being in the shapewear industry, here are the most common complaints about shapewear I hear from my clients:

And you know what?

I could hardly blame anyone for saying that. Why?

Because all that was, and still is, true to a large extent.

And without boring you with all the specifics, I want you to know that…

These shapewear horror stories were exactly what pushed me to design my own shapewear products and create a brand new way for women like you to enjoy shapewear.

A Pleasingly Ingenious And Simple Way To Shape Your Body

Of course, I didn’t just pull my designs out of thin air.

After I decided to create my own brand of shapewear in 2001…

I studied everything about shapewear I could get my hands on…

I drew inspiration from my days making clothes in the garment factory…

And I relied on my experience from having served the shapewear needs of over 50,000 women.

After 3 years of research, I finally created in 2004 a range of shapewear that caters specially to Asian women like yourself and helps you to tone up, slim down, and achieve the most beautiful, confident and radiant version of yourself in the shortest time possible… without expensive surgery, painful injections, or unhealthy pills.

To get all the benefits from this body-shaping solution, all you have to do is put it on and let it work for you.

As simple as that.

In fact, that is how our brand name “D’Elegance” came to be…

D’Elegance Shapewear is all about giving you the elegance of a body-shaping solution that has the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple; neatness.
So there you have it – the story of how D’Elegance came to be.

I believe you can now understand better why we do what we do at D’Elegance.

Now it’s your turn to tell me about YOU.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Get your FREE consultation and fitting now!

Or click here to call us now: (+65) 6226 3013

IMPORTANT: I’ve can make this Free Consultation Offer for a limited time ONLY. Once the promo ends, this deal will vanish and I cannot promise you that it’ll be offered again.

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