Revamp Your Wardrobe With These Gorgeous Fashion Styles

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If you’ve ever felt a hint of dread creeping up on you when you’re opening your closet or when selecting an outfit to wear, it may mean that you’re growing tired of your current clothing pieces. Which also means that it’s time for you to revamp your closet with a fashion overhaul that will revitalise your outfit choices! After all, dressing well makes you feel good, and what better way to feel renewed and fabulous by adding some diverse fashion styles into your repertoire.

Be it for the first day of school, to impress a date, or for your dream job interview, we’ll explore some of the fashion styles that can reflect your personality and attitude!

The Boho Chic Style

Shapewear, Shapewear For Women

The Boho-Chic fashion style is inspired by hippie and bohemian influences that have been in and out of the fashion spotlight multiple times in the last century. Having had its heyday in the 1960s and 1990s, it reemerged once again in the 2000s after being worn by iconic celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Mary-Kate Olsen.

The Boho-Chic style is characterised by flowy, vintage, and lithe clothing in natural tones such as white or beige. Some common clothing options include tops with bell-sleeves, floaty maxi dresses and palazzo trousers. Pair them with earthen-tone accessories and minimal makeup, and you’ll have a Boho-Chic look ready!

The Preppy Style

Shapewear, Shapewear For Women

Originating in the 1960s, the Preppy dressing style was once only associated with women in American colleges and the ‘prep school’ look. Nowadays, it has evolved into a fashion style that is both applicable for casual and semi-professional settings in schools and workplaces.

The focus of the Preppy style is usually on classic, smart, and understated looks. But it can also be infused with fun elements such as bold prints or vibrant colours to create a classy look. Clothing items such as A-line skirts, cashmere or argyle sweaters, and wrap dresses are essential to the Preppy look, while blazers, ballet flats, and penny loafers complement the outfit well too.

The Grunge Style

Shapewear, Shapewear For Women

The 1990s have created more than its fair share of iconic fashion styles, but none stood out more than the Grunge look. Indeed, inspired by an entire music genre and associated with trailblazing musicians such as Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, and Courtney Love, the style has withstood the test of time partly also because of its convenience to wear.

The Grunge fashion style is personified by muted-coloured clothing, ripped jeans, and lots and lots of flannel. Another important aspect of this style is that it prioritises comfort, so don’t be afraid to layer your band T-shirt with oversized flannel shirts to maximise cosiness. Add in boots or high-top sneakers, leather accessories, and a devil-may-care attitude, and you will become Grunge personified!

The Eclectic Style

This fashion style may be tricky to pull off as you have to possess a particular knack for wearing clothes in a different way than they are meant to. Being eclectic means being fearless in your approach to style, be it with a vibrant colour palette or a dressed-down outfit. The key to being eclectic in your style is ensuring that you radiate confidence while wearing it.

One of the main appeals of this style is its timelessness. You don’t need always to be buying new clothes to catch up with the current fashion trend or a fad. You can just stick with the clothes you have in your closet. Some great ways to do it include:

1. Layering your outfits in new ways: You can put together fashion pieces that usually don’t go together or that fits a different style typically, and experiment with them in different ways. It’s surprising how an overall look can work out once you’ve tried them on.

2. Incorporate unique accessories: Try mixing metal accessories with wooden ones to create a contrast that makes your outfit stand out. A coloured backpack or fringed clutch can also create a unique combination with your outfit.

Additional Styling Tips

Shapewear, Shapewear For Women

1. Shapewear: Wearing shapewear for women can enhance your personal style simply by smoothening areas of your body, and giving a boost to the parts that you want.

2. Signature Pieces: Choose a signature item to adorn your outfits, making it an essential and synonymous piece in your personal style. Great examples of this include Jackie O glasses, Michael Jackson’s single glove, and Prince’s purple outfit palette.

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