Waist Slimmer

D’Elegance Waist Slimmer

Our waist slimmers will help you achieve a slender waist and an elegant posture instantly.

They feature a multi-layered non-stretchable fabric design on the abdominal area and a double-layered stretchable tulle design at the waist and back areas.

These act in concert to smoothen your tummy, lift your breasts and shape your waistline.

Great for

  • Tummy taming (enhanced)
  • Hip smoothing
  • Waist shaping
  • Posture improving
  • Post-childbirth bodyshaping

Retail Price

S$348 (Nude/Black)

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What Women Are Saying

Ms. Libby Soh D'Elegance Waist Slimmer Review

“I have always been interested in waist training so I was very excited when Ms Elida picked the Waist Slimmer for me.

It was really easy to put on because the material is so smooth on the skin and the same cool material that is used for all the shapewear.

What I love about this is how much thought was put into the design of the Waist Slimmer.

The main part at the abdomen is non-stretchable to give you maximum “support” in holding your tummy in, while the waist and back areas are made of a stretchable tulle which smoothen but are more flexible so you don’t have to sit ramrod straight like a mannequin.

It really takes into consideration the needs and wants of a busy, multi-tasking modern day Mama who needs comfort on top of support.”

Ms. Christy Wong D'Elegance Waist Slimmer Review

“The Waist Slimmer makes me sit up right, stand straight and walk with a straight back.

It helps a lot with my weak back and waist, ensuring that I am always in a good posture no matter what I do.

It is best worn together with either the long girdle or the body suit. It can also be worn on its own and you will find a slender waistline.”


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Available Colours

Beige, Nude

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