Brassiere with Hook

D’Elegance Brassiere With Hook

Made from materials woven from the most flexible and stretchable fibres from Japan, our brassieres are designed to shape and sculpt a perfect cleavage, while offering you the ultimate in comfort.

With three-dimensional three-piece cutting and double-layered extended width design, our brassieres create a firm and voluptuous bust line. An additional hook at the front provides additional support for shaping.

Great for

  • Breast shaping
  • Back smoothing
  • Post-childbirth bodyshaping
  • Instant bust lift without padding

Retail Price

S$338 (Black/Nude)

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What Women Are Saying
Ms. Libby Soh D'Elegance Brassiere With Hook Review

“The design of this bra helps eliminate the ‘side fats’ that bulge out of your side when you’re wearing an ill-fitting bra and the straps are so comfortable and never cut into my skin!

The additional hook in front provides some extra “oomph” in the front if you know what I mean, without you having to insert any “chicken fillets.”

Ms. Jolin Poon D'Elegance Brassiere Review

“After putting on D’Elegance’s brassiere, together with the ‘fats moving’ technique that Ms Elida taught me, I saw an instant bust lift and cleavage.

I am not very well developed in this area, so seeing the results was definitely a ‘wow’ for me.

These bras, unlike the normal bras I wore, has thicker shoulders and back strap which are able to provide the maximum support for the breast. It also ensures that the fats stay in the cup and not move to other areas.”


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Available Colours

Black, Beige, Nude

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