Popular Shapewear Styles & How They Enhance Your Look

Best Shapewear, Shapewear For Women

Modern shapewear is available in a menagerie of forms and styles that caters to various body types. From corsets to bodysuits to girdles, there is something for almost every body type, and because of this, many women have included shapewear pieces as staple items in their wardrobe. For any occasion, the best shapewear has enabled women to enhance their look and boost their confidence.

Which is why, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular types of shapewear and how they work, be it to provide lift or smoothen parts of the body.

Brassiere & Brassiere with Hook

Brassieres are an essential piece of undergarment for ladies, and brassiere shapewear is specifically designed to enhance the bust line by shaping and sculpting an ideal cleavage, and providing support, lift without additional padding, and comfort all at once. It is also suitable for post-birth body shaping, so new mummies can experience the support they need too.

Brassiere shapewear usually has thicker shoulder and back straps, enabling maximum support for the breasts. Additionally, it can also maintain the shape of the breasts by holding it in place so that it stays within the brassiere cups. 


Best Shapewear, Shapewear For Women

Corsets are one of the oldest and most iconic shapewear pieces, easily identifiable by its waist cinching feature. Since decades ago, it’s been used to give ladies a slimmer waistline while providing a significant lift to the bust line. Ladies who are unfamiliar with it often engage in corset training to get used to it progressively. It’s the shapewear item of choice for many women who don’t mind a firmer control when seeking for a flatter-looking tummy.

Corsets are perfect for shaping the waistline, smoothening the tummy area, and shaping the thighs. Depending on the preference of the wearer, a corset can have different control levels that are usually categorised as loose, firm, or tight. Additionally, corsets can also provide back support as it keeps your back straight when worn.


Corset Training, Corset Training Singapore

Shapewear can target a single or multiple body parts, and in the case of the bodysuit, it’s a popular shapewear piece that targets the entire upper body. Bodysuits provide maximum control that allows you to enhance your figure by providing full-body shaping, smoothening of the back, and tummy and hip control. In addition, it can also improve your posture when worn.

Bodysuits also come in variants that have are designed with an open bust, which is a lifesaver for new mummies as it allows them to breastfeed their children while also wearing nursing bras. Because of this convenience, they’re able to engage in post-partum body shaping while taking care of their babies.


Corset Training, Corset Training Singapore

Girdles are another shapewear item that is popular among many women. There are generally two kinds of girdles – short girdles target the lower torso, mainly the tummy, hip, and waist while long girdles target the abovementioned parts and also the bum and thighs. Girdles provide control and smoothening of those body parts allowing you to fit easily into tighter skirts or jeans.

Girdles can also provide postnatal body shaping, allowing better control of the thighs and tummy areas while also giving your bum a good lift and support.

At D’Elegance, we believe in helping you achieve the look that you desire so you can be the most confident version of yourself. Our shapewear products are designed specifically to enhance your appearance by smoothening and lifting specific parts of your body so you can wear your favourite outfits.

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