Our Brand Story

In search of the perfect shapewear

The Birth of D'Elegance

Singapore’s first and foremost luxury shapewear brand, D’Elegance specialises in creating exclusive lingerie selections for the Asian silhouette.

Back when D’Elegance’s founder Elida Teh owned a women’s clothing boutique on Bencoolen Street, she would often hear her customers lamenting over their unflattering lines.

Driven to find a solution, Elida went in search of a shapewear brand that could shape our figures while accentuating our womanly curves. Coming up empty, she realised that the only way she could fulfil her customers’ needs was to design her own range of shapewear, drawing on her own experiences.

And in 2004, D’Elegance was born.

Specially Crafted for Asian Women

In conceptualising D’Elegance, Elida aimed to create a shapewear suitable for our tropical climate and tailored to the Asian silhouette. 

That’s why she chooses to use light, airy fabrics in crafting her creations and takes great pains to ensure that each of her pieces fits her customers perfectly.

Empowering Women

Every woman deserves beautiful shapewear that fits so she can feel confident and comfortable all day long, at work or play. Elida understands this perfectly, which is why she offers personalised consultations to ensure the perfect fit for every one of her clients. 

Professional, intimate and exclusive, these sessions enable Elida to help every client understand her curves and choose the shapewear that will enhance her figure and boost her confidence.

“Whenever a client tries on the D’Elegance shapewear, I see them gaining confidence right in front of my eyes,” says Elida. “To me, the D’Elegance way of personal shapewear is more than just helping women look fabulous in the clothes that they wear. It’s about empowering them to lead more fulfilling lives, no matter which life stage they’re at.”

Enhancing True Beauty

D’Elegance was born out of Ms Elida Teh’s passion to create functional and fashionable shapewear that combines quality, light and airy fabrics with the latest innovations in design and technology. 

To ensure that every piece provides the perfect fit, D’Elegance incorporates personalised consultations into the D’Elegance customer experience.

A testament to its success, many of the brand’s customers – distinguished guests, working professionals, homemakers and beauty queens – came to know about D’Elegance through referrals. 

Today, the brand is the leading label for quality, comfortable foundation garments that are designed not only to contour a woman’s curves but raise her self-confidence, enhance her true beauty and empower her to lead a more fulfilling life.

Enhance your true beauty and empower your life