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Every woman dreams of having the perfect body. D’Elegance shapewear is the perfect solution for all women, and brings out the beauty of every woman.

Understanding the Female Body

The female body is a work of art, a special gift from our Creator. However, it goes through different stages. Adolescence, pregnancy, poor diet and ageing all cause fat to accumulate in the body, turning it loose and saggy, a process that is tough to reverse.

Your desire for a perfect figure doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Specially designed D’Elegance shapewear helps define your curves. Buying the right lingerie and wearing it correctly is vital. If you wear shapewear while you still have a good figure, it will help you retain your figure longer. If you are out of shape, wearing good quality shapewear will help you re-shape your body. Shapewear works on a three-tier principle: Shifting fats back to their correct positions, supporting them and securing them in place. This will firm up the bust and re-define the waistline, accentuating the beauty of a woman’s curves.

Changing Body Shape

A body goes out of shape for several reasons: Unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, natural sagging and loose muscles due to ageing, pregnancy fat, wrong body posture and long-term hunching. In women, the most common problems are fat accumulating in the abdomen, hips and thighs.

In many “fat” women, the real problem is that fat has moved out of place, which is often caused by wearing the wrong kind of lingerie (too small and too tight). This forces fat to protrude at the sides of the bust area, to sag and produce the “three-layer abdomen” effect, or to be pushed towards the thighs, making them look bigger. Over time, the body starts to look “fat”.

Building Your Ideal Figure

A figure that is perfectly proportioned brings out a woman’s beauty. Every woman has a different shape and figure. Some people think that the standard figure means a big bust and a small waist. In reality, a truly beautiful figure should observe the golden proportions of the oriental female. D’Elegance shapewear strives to help each woman tone her body according to her golden proportions. D’Elegance takes the measurements of each customer’s body and works out her ideal proportions based on the Golden Scale Map of the Ideal Figure. A set of uniquely designed D’Elegance shapewear is then put together for the customer, accompanied by an explanation of the procedure for wearing the lingerie correctly.

As Singapore’s first shapewear brand, D’Elegance produces lingerie that is ergonomically designed. The products are designed with three principles in mind: Functionality, comfort and aesthetics. So while the lingerie fits snugly, it is not restrictive.

In addition to providing professional products and services, D’ Elegance seeks to set a new standard in the consumer culture of shapewear, and to educate consumers about body contouring. D’Elegance Founder, Elida Teh, believes that the true hallmark of a successful business in shapewear lies not in the value of its market share, but in the number of consumers who obtain the correct concepts from it.

Q&A with Founder Elida

1) Why does a woman’s body go out of shape?
Fats accumulate in the female body more easily than in the male body. As a woman ages or gives birth, coupled with a lack of exercise and the pull of gravity, the skin gradually loses its elasticity and fats will start to sag naturally. All these cause changes to the body shape, especially in the thighs, abdomen, waist area and buttocks.

2) What are the most common problem areas?
Pear Shape — fats accumulate largely in the area below the waist and in the abdomen.
Apple Shape — fats accumulate mainly in the waist area, disproportionate to the measurements of the chest and hip.
Pineapple Shape — also known as “waist-less”; with small breasts. The bust, waist and hips are not toned and well-defined.
Sponge Shape — fats that move up and down in the body; loose muscles.

3) Who is the shapewear for? 

  • Pubescent girls
  • Women who have gone out of shape
  • Women who have given birth
  • Women who want to maintain a slim figure
  • Senior women

4) Does shapewear correct posture immediately for all body types?
Yes, because fat is actually soft like cotton. Once it is pushed into the ideal lingerie mould, the fat burns and moves, and is then “locked” into the ideal place, enabling the bust, waist and hips to be shaped correctly.

5) Will the body return to its original state once the lingerie is removed?
Shaping results are instantly achieved upon wearing our shapewear. Wearing it regularly will shape the body such that the curves remain even after the lingerie is removed. However, it does not mean that once you have slimmed down, you don’t need the lingerie anymore, because you still face the risk of your body going out of shape as you age or give birth, or due to the lack of exercise and the force of gravity. Rather, the correct concept is to wear shapewear over the longer term so that your figure is always kept in tiptop condition.

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