Media Feature: Pregnancy and your figure – What can D’Elegance do for you? (Motherhood Magazine)

D’Elegance Shapewear – Helping new mothers regain their perfect figure

A common worry among new mother may be: How do you get rid of excess weight quickly and firm up your hips and a belly that has been stretched for months?

Here’s a tip. The first six months after your delivery is the best time for you to do that. During this time, your body’s hormone levels will quickly return to the normal levels after your delivery. This in turn kick starts the metabolic rate, sometimes even giving it a boost and increasing the speed at which the body burns up calories. Thus, this is in fact a “golden period” to lose those extra kilos.

Stage One: One week after delivery

Allowing your body to recover
Pregnancy brings about a host of changes to your body. The increase in hormone levels will relax your joints, especially in the pelvic region. Your internal organs will also be compacted and pushed up towards the upper abdomen in order to create space for your baby. The muscles and ligaments in the body will be further stretched and strained during labor, rendering your body in a delicate condition in the first week after delivery.

Thus, postpartum body shaping undergarments worn during this period have to be selected with extra care. They should not be too tight and should be comfortable enough for long periods of wearing. The elasticity of the garment will gently support the uterus and aid the realignment of the internal organs. Supplementing this with some basic post-natal pelvic exercises will help to speed up your body’s recovery.

Stage Two: Second week after delivery

Whittling down the waist
After a week of rest and recovery, your body functions would have returned to normal and your energy levels restored. But while your uterus may have contracted to its pre-pregnancy size by now, the abdominal wall will take a longer time to recover. This disparity results in a prime area in the abdominal region for fats to accumulate.

To counter this problem, a stronger shaping undergarment should be used to support and keep the waist in, while gently pressing the pelvic bones back to their original positions at the same time.

Stage Three: Third week after delivery

Strengthening the body and creating that perfect silhouette in six months
By this time, your internal organs would have been realigned and the post-pregnancy vaginal discharge would have been greatly reduced. If you are still unsatisfied with your figure at this point in time, you may wish to step up on efforts to re-sculpt your body.

This can be achieved by wearing an undergarment with greater support during the day. the stronger elasticity of a specially engineered girdle will help in tucking in your belly and hips while lifting the buttocks and shaping your thighs. The gentle compression from the undergarment will also increase the intensity of fat burning, aiding to your weight loss.

Some women may suffer from a calcium deficiency or other health conditions during their pregnancy, causing them to have bad postures, slack breasts or an unsightly tummy. When these happen, the sagging skin in the abdominal area beneath the bust line can be hard to get rid of. In this instance, a bodysuit or a waist slimmer can remedy the situation by shaping your midsection and recreating your pre-pregnancy feminine curves.

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