Media Feature: Confidence Begins with D’Elegance (Dolce Magazine)

Confidence begins with D’Elegance

Every woman dreams of having the perfect body. D’Elegance shapewear (Figure-Enhancing Lingerie) is the perfect solution for every woman and brings out your unique Asian beauty in three ways.


For many women, the real problem is not that they are “fat”, but that they’ve been wearing the wrong kind of underwear, which forces “fat” to protrude out at the sides of the bust, hips or upper thighs. D’Elegance Figure-Enhancing Lingerie SHIFTs these “fats” back to the correct position for a more aesthetically pleasing silhouette.


Besides the wrong size, you may be wearing underwear that look good but do not give you the adequate support or proper fit. Made of high quality material, D’Elegance lingerie are ergonomically designed and will give you the support needed for your unique body shape.


Once your body has settled into the ideal lingerie mould, the “fat” burns and moves and is then “locked” into this mould, enabling the bust, waist and hips to be shaped correctly. Wearing D’Elegance lingerie regularly will shape the body such that the curves remain even after the lingerie is removed.

The Female Body

Your desire for a perfect figure doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Specially designed D’Elegance Figure-Enhancing Lingerie is the ideal solution for woman who want to maintain a beautiful bust line, waistline, firm posterior and post-natal mothers who want to get back in shape. Wearing figure-enhancing lingerie while in shape will help you to retain your figure longer. If you’re out of shape, wearing good quality figure-enhancing lingerie will help you to reshape your figure.

Your Ideal Figure

Most women might feel that an ideal figure is shaped like an hourglass, big bust and a slender waist. A beautiful figure should observe the golden proportions of the Asian woman. D’Elegance takes the measurements of each customer and works out her ideal proportions based on the Golden Scale Map of the Ideal Figure and provide professional personalized consultation to each client and advise the shapewear that best suits the individual figure.

Get a better fit and sexier silhouette with D’Elegance

Before: Wearing the wrong cup size leads to excess fat from the back accumulated at the underarm area.

After: D’Elegance Lingerie with double layer tulle cutting at the sides shape the accumulated and excess fats around the underarms and the back towards the center of the cups, leading to a fuller breasts.

Before: This customer discovered that she had been wearing the wrong bra which not only did nothing to enhance her body shape, but also made her breasts look smaller and saggy.

After: D’Elegance shapewear, through the use of smart cutting techniques, lifts the breasts to give a perfect bust line.

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