Media Feature: Channel U Ladies Nite 女人俱乐部

Join us as we revisit this episode of Ladies Nite 女人俱乐部, including a feature of the D’Elegance shapewear collection. The show was hosted by artistes Vivian Lai and Michelle Chong, and the set was dazzled by the appearance of celebrity guests Xiang Yun, Cynthia Koh, Ericia Lee and Constance Song.

Ms. Mikki from Wacoal and Ms. Elida from D’Elegance were invited as experts to share on undergarments and shapewear respectively.

Here are some of the things founder Elida talked about:

The evolving role of intimate apparel for women

Today’s undergarments go beyond just protecting a woman’s modesty to provide more functions and benefits to women. For instance, a well-designed shapewear helps to shift body fats back to their rightful position and supports and secures them in place to help women achieve a svelte figure instantly. Shapewear can also help to improve one’s posture, bringing about both health and beauty benefits.

Getting the perfect fit

When choosing shapewear products, D’Elegance founder Elida Teh believes that getting the right fit is of utmost importance. Thus, Elida explains that it is important to go beyond just taking proper measurements and recommending the right size and combination of shapewear products to delve deep into personal habits, fashion choices and lifestyle because these factors also play a part in determining the perfect shapewear.

If you’re looking for shapewear, Elida’s advice is to get properly fitted, to try every piece before you buy, and to pay attention to your health condition. If you have high blood pressure, a looser fit is recomended.

Discovering the perfect shapewear

The ultimate shapewear is created through the perfect combination of high-quality fabrics and smart-cutting methods. Shapewear that is made using breathable, light and cooling fabrics ensures comfort, while smart-cutting techniques ensure that the shapewear is able to gently sculpt and contour your curves.

Good shapewear should fit like second skin. You put it on and forget it’s there – until you take it off.

Trying on the product

Every woman is built differently, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to shapewear. Therefore, it is very important that you try on every piece of shapewear before you invest in them. As with trying other clothing, remember to sit down and also move about to make sure that you will always feel comfortable throughout the day while wearing the shapewear product.

Learning how to wear your undergarments correctly can make a huge difference in your overall figure and posture.

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