Media Feature: Causes of a Poor Figure and the D’Elegance Solution (Dolce Magazine)

Alluring beauty starts from D’Elegance

Finally! A shapewear brand that provides the modern woman with exactly what she desires. No longer are you restricted to lingerie that looks good but does not enhance your curves and rectify the problem areas. Singapore’s first and foremost luxury shapewear brand, D’Elegance, has helped countless women and improved the quality of their lives.

Age is just a number

With D’Elegance shapewear, age is no longer concern! Common problems associated with the coming of age such as sagging muscles, post-pregnancy fats, muffin-tops or accumulated fats in the abdomen, hips and thighs can now be easily tackled!

Wearing it wrong

Not many women realize the implications of wearing the “wrong” undergarments. Lingerie which is too small or too tight may result in unsightly bulges under the bust line, or around the thighs. With time, these unsightly bulges may even succumb to the pull of gravity resulting in even larger problems.

Getting it right

D’Elegance’s classic designs aim to shift fats back to their correct positions, support them and secure them in place. In turn, this will firm up the bust, redefine the waistline and accentuate your curves.

You can get brasserie, girdles, waist slimmers, body suits and briefs, which are all designed with functionality, comfort and aesthetics in mind.

Fit for fighting flab

Determined to ensure that all customers achieve their ideal figure, D’Elegance has a crew of specialized consultants who will take your body measurements and calculate ideal proportions based on the Golden Scale Map (a proprietary chart), ensuring a snug fit every time.

Body Beautiful

We all know sexy lingerie brings out the confidence in you. But do you know that D’Elegance Figure shapewear goes the extra mile for your body? Founder Elida Teh shares a few tips about getting the curves you desire.

First, identify your problem area

Are you a Pear Shape, Apple Shape, Pineapple Shape or Sponge Shape?

Know why your body is the way it is

Fats accumulate in the female body more easily than it does in the male body. With age, child-birth and/or a lack of exercise, coupled with the pull of gravity, the skin gradually loses its elasticity and signs of sagging will naturally appear.

Tackle the problem with minimal effort

D’Elegance Figure-Enhancing Lingerie is all you need to make a transformation. Fats are actually soft like cotton. Once it is pushed into the ideal lingerie mould, the fat burns and moves, and is then “locked” into the ideal place, enabling the bust, waist and hips to be shaped correctly.

Choose a reliable brand that offers expertise and continuous advice

As the first figure-enhancing lingerie in Singapore, D’Elegance has cultivated a strong following in body contouring concepts. This is also credited to the service of personal consultation at the boutique.

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