Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. D’Elegance shapewear does more than simply give you more feminine curves. You will gain optimal benefits from wearing D’Elegance contouring lingerie as it provides firm support to your existing body shape, maintains your contours and curves for a longer period, and also improves your posture and health.

We invite you to read testimonials from our customers. But more importantly, you have to try it on so that you can personally experience the effect that good shapewear has on your body.

Unlike normal lingerie which provides minimal support, our shapewear products are designed to target specific problem areas such as your bust, waistline, abdomen and posterior.

D’Elegance shapewear is made for Asian women, while most of the other brands are made to fit Western body-types. Our products aim to provide maximum support and enhance your natural Asian curves.

Weight loss and body contouring are different concepts. Weight loss is always best achieved by weight management via dieting and exercise. On the other hand, D’Elegance promises instant accentuation of feminine contours and uncompromised support to your body curves.

The shaping results are instant – you will see the improvement in your figure immediately after putting on the shapewear.

If you would like your figure to remain in the ideal shape even after you take off the lingerie, shapewear has to be worn on a regular basis, to provide the best support for your figure.

However, because no two bodies are alike, the degree of improvement will vary depending on each customer’s body type, lifestyle (exercise and diet) and age.

Body fat is easily manipulated. When you wear our shapewear, excess body fat is manipulated to give you smooth curves in the right places.

During the consultation process, our trained consultants will show you how to put on the shapewear to achieve your desired hourglass figure.

While we do not promise to physically increase the size of your cup, our shapewear products can shift body fat to the correct positions so that you appear to have a fuller bust.

When we are sleeping, mind and body repair takes place, and the body’s muscles are at the most relaxed state. So as not to stress the body during this vital period of repair, we do not recommend that you wear any tight clothing or lingerie with underwire while sleeping. However, to prevent out-spread breasts, you can consider wearing the D’Elegance bodysuit (without brassiere) while sleeping as long as you do not experience any discomfort.

Absolutely! D’Elegance’s products are designed to work while you work. Each product helps to gently mould your body as you wear it. While D’Elegance Shapewear maintains a certain tension on your muscles, you can still go about your daily activities without restriction.

Because no two bodies are alike, we need to take every first-time customer through a personal one-on-one consultation to help you understand your body and find products that best fit you so that you gain optimal benefits from wearing D’Elegance lingerie.

During the consultation we will seek to understand what you want to achieve by wearing the shapewear, such as enhancing your bust or defining your waistline. Our consultants will also be able to show you easy-to-wear handles and how to manipulate excess body fat to fully maximise the benefits of our shapewear.

Check out what two of our customers said about the consultation (1) here and (2) here.

Depending on your needs and objectives, the shapewear that we recommend will vary for each customer.

Our shapewear products can be purchased in single pieces or as a combination so that you enjoy greater value.