Essential Tips on How to Keep a Clean & Fabulous Wardrobe

Abdominal Binder, Shapewear

Ask any woman to clean out her wardrobe, and you can be surely greeted with groans about how it’s tedious and difficult. After all, getting rid of clothes can be a challenging task for many, especially if they have a penchant for shopping for new ones. Many women would also say that they’re simply waiting for certain trends to come around again so that they can wear that jacket or that skirt they’ve been keeping for years.

If that sounds like you, then don’t fret any longer as we’ll share some great tips for turning your messy wardrobe into a clean and fabulous one that you can be proud of! 

Keep The Important Essentials

Abdominal Binder, Shapewear

Clothing essentials can mean different things for everyone, but you can be certain that basics and staples are highly important. These particularly clothes are basically timeless pieces that you can wear every day while also incorporating them with any trends or fads that come along with every season.

When perusing your wardrobe for essentials, identify the ones that can be worn throughout any time in the year. These can include basic dresses, denim jeans, collared button-up shirts, tank tops, and leggings. These items almost never go out of style, and you can wear them almost anywhere too.

Additionally, essential items can include layering pieces such as leather jackets, denim jackets, turtlenecks, and sweaters. The great thing about layering pieces is that they can enhance your outfit to make it more appealing overall.

Shapewear items are also another essential clothing type, so if you have an abdominal binder or corset that you wear under your outfits to give you that boost of confidence you need, then be sure to make ample space for them. The best shapewear items are the most well taken care of, after all.

Next up are shoes, and this can be where a lot of ladies find it the most challenging. Shoes have a considerable amount of shelf life, and some would argue that all of their shoes are essential! However, identifying the ones that you can wear often is important, so keep your flats, sneakers, boots, a few platforms, and some classic looking heels. Throw out outdated shoes or those that you have grown out of as they’ll just occupy space.

Instead of Throwing Out, Try These Instead

Abdominal Binder, Shapewear

At this point, you would probably have a pile of clothing that you’re ready to throw out. But did you know there that there are other ways you can get rid of them without throwing?

Firstly, you can check with your friends or family members if they’d like to swap any of their clothing pieces from your pile. There’s a trick that you can apply here too, tell anyone who wants something from your pile that they would have to throw something of theirs into it. In this way, you’re helping them to get rid of their unwanted clothes too.

Next, you can try donating your unwanted clothing pile to charity organisations such as The Salvation Army. Your clothes can then be given to less fortunate people, or if they’re damaged, they can be recycled or used for other purposes.

If you’re looking to make a little extra money, you can also set up used clothing booths at retail spaces that allow for it. Your pre-loved clothes can find a new home with someone else so that it doesn’t go to waste in the garbage.

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