Enlightening Steps to Become a More Empowered Woman

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As the world begins to embrace a more inclusive and balanced society where women are seen as equals in both personal and professional environments, it’s an extraordinary feeling to know that every woman is able to realise their own potential without being held back. No longer are modern women being restrained and forced to conform to traditional and outdated gender roles; they also no longer have limited access to mostly male-dominated fields.

The women of today have opportunities to take back their power, speak their truth, and take up greater positions in society. While the journey for reclaiming their strength and realising their potential can be different for every woman, the steps below can provide a starting point for the journey.

1. Reconnect With The True You

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Sometimes, the most radical change you can do for women’s empowerment is to embrace the gift of acceptance. Engage in self-reflection and commit to re-learning everything about yourself such as the type of woman you are, the experiences in your life, and your gifts and flaws. Instead of fuelling the multiple internal conflicts that you may have about yourself, learning to forgive, understand, and accept yourself as a human being can do wonders for your soul.

The goal is to come to a place of quiet acceptance that can help you connect to your most authentic self, so don’t be afraid to acknowledge any pain or difficulties that you may have experienced so you can finally let them go.

2. Finding Your Voice

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Women can often empathise with each other when it comes to experiences that have silenced, marginalised, or oppressed them in society. Because of these experiences, women are gifted with qualities such as empathy, sensitivity, emotional maturity, resilience, and even wisdom. These qualities can be exercised in varying ways, such as sharing your lived experiences with other women, providing a dependable listening ear, taking a vocal stance in political issues affecting women, or even educating the people in your life.

Any and every way that you choose to find your voice can be an inspiration or source of strength for other women, so don’t be afraid to uplift others.

3. Treat Yourself with Compassion

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The pressure and expectation that society has on what a woman should be can feel stressful or even oppressive. For example, women are expected to be put aside their careers in order to have children or maintain a physical appearance that reflects the unrealistic expectations depicted in magazines. Because of this, many women experience harsh self-criticism and self-blame when they are unable to meet these expectations.

Nurturing self-love is a vital step in empowering yourself. Progressively release any shame, judgements, or regrets you have about your body or your role in society, and try to stop blaming yourself for the situations that you have no control over. Treating yourself with compassion can help you improve your self-esteem and improve your quality of life.

4. Shift Perspective from Victim to Warrior

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Shifting your perspective from one that is victimised to one that will dedicate herself to being treated as equals is another essential step in being empowered. The key to this step is realising that you always have a choice. Women have the power to choose how they respond to certain situations such as choosing not to tolerate blatant actions that objectify or dehumanise them.

Choice is where a woman’s true strength and character resides, as believing that you have a choice can lead to you exercising that choice, and will culminate in you being more in control of your life and how you feel in every facet of your life. The clarity and enlightenment that it brings are at the core of being an empowered woman in today’s society.

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