Elida Teh: Being Able to Give is a Gift

Jeremy from JEMANCI is a contemporary portrait photographer for women and a natural light shooter. Luckily for us, this talented gentleman is currently based in Singapore, and we have been blessed with the opportunity to see him in action as he helped to pose, direct and create the most beautiful images of founder Elida and her mom.

The following is taken from the JEMANCI blog, where Jeremy interviewed D’Elegance founder Elida about life, values and more.

Jeremy (J): Before this, I’ve sat down with Elida (E), the founder of D’ELEGANCE, on several occassions. We opened our heart and talked about life and goals. She inspires me to give more and expect less. I’m truly blessed to have met & photographed her and her beautiful family during the course of my photography career. #peopleivemetarethewondersofmyworld.

Hope the below interview will inspire you one way or the other – xo

J: Tell me more about yourself.

E: I love connecting with people – it’s what drives me. That’s why I feel blessed that in my line of work, I get to meet amazing women and contribute to their lives in a positive way. I also enjoy reading, cooking, singing and spending time with my loved ones. To keep myself fit, I meditate daily and alternate between yoga, brisk walking and swimming.

J: You have changed the lives of many women by making them believe that they too deserve to be beautiful. Did meeting them change your life too?

E: Yes – and in a very significant way. Whenever I see a guest gaining confidence right in front of my eyes, be it because she was positively influenced by a sharing during our interaction or because she saw her new figure after donning on our shapewear, I become even more inspired to improve and become better, so that I can do more for others. I was very fortunate because so many people in my life allowed me to give to them – and I found myself receiving much more in return.

J: In your opinion, what are two most important values in life that you would like to share with the readers?

E: The first is to have integrity. For me, this means being totally honest and truthful in every part of your life – starting with yourself first. It also means doing the right things at all times, whether or not anyone is watching, and no matter what the consequences will be. In an age where “letting the ends justify the means” has become all too common, I choose to believe that the value of the trust that others place in you goes beyond anything that can be measured and brings along with it limitless opportunities.

The second important value is to give to others – to share, to show concern, and to improve lives. When it comes to giving, it’s not how much you give, but how you give. My belief is that by giving from the heart, in a desire to connect, we seize a common occasion and make it special, which is very different from giving to a great cause out of obligation or self-importance. Through giving, I also realized how much power I have to make others feel better about themselves and their lives, and this has helped to bring immense joy in my life.

J: Is there anybody that contributed to who you are today?

E: There’s a saying that goes like this: “We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.” I believe that each and every person I have met in my life has contributed in some way to who I am today. But if I were to name three persons whom have shaped my life significantly, it would have to be my paternal grandmother and both my parents.

My grandma and dad were both people of few words, but they had plenty of love for the people around them. They instilled in me a strong sense of responsibility and taught me empathy. My mom, on the other hand, loves talking – now you know why I enjoy meeting and connecting with people. Growing up, I did not always agree with everything mom said, but I’ve always looked up to her as the most resourceful, decisive and action-oriented woman I have ever met. Mom also always put our family first, and that has definitely influenced the way I set my priorities in life.

J: So thankful to have you in the studio. When was the last time you had such a portrait shoot with your mom?

E: I’ve never had a portrait shoot done with mom before! We’re absolutely thrilled to be at Jemanci’s today. Thank you!

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