Easy And Doable Ways To Self-Improve For The Rest Of 2019

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As we are midway going through the month of July, half of the year has flown by. While 2019 is not over yet, it is also a good time to take a pause and reflect on what you have done and accomplished for the past 6 months.

Have you made progress on that new year resolution? Are you ticking any boxes on your list of goals to accomplish? If you’re finding it difficult to stick to your plans, shift your mindset to see that making changes is easy as a result of small, daily decisions instead of enormous obstacles.

Find out the simple and achievable steps you can take for self-improvement and have a good remaining of the year.

Sticking to your budget

Body Sculpting, Body Shaper

Saving up for that dream vacation? A luxury handbag? Or simply for a rainy day? When you make a budget, the key is also sticking to it. The $3 daily coffee you spend on may not seem significant, but over the year it amounts to over a thousand dollars down the drain. Innocuous and unhealthy spending habits can snowball over time without notice until you realise how much you could have saved.

While you should already be allocating 20 percent of your income to savings and investments, it does not hurt to be more aware of your daily spending and decide what you have less of this week. Money is instantly tucked away for bettering your financial future.

Journal your thoughts and feelings

Body Sculpting, Body Shaper

Be it a work or personal life problem, at times your world can feel like it’s in chaos and keeping a journal can help you to create order. Journaling is a helpful tool in managing your mental health where you can jot down your symptoms day to day to recognize triggers and have better control of them, identify negative thoughts and behaviours, and help you prioritize problems, fears, and concerns.

Your journal is your own personal private space, so there is no certain structure to follow except letting your words flow freely. Once you have identified your stressors, you can begin to work on a plan to resolve the problems and at the same time, lower your stress levels. This is also a healthy way to express yourself and do something good for your mind and body.

Be kind to yourself

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Self-love is more than just taking bubble baths and putting on facial masks. It is the tough work of practising self-compassion and restraint on being your own worst critic. It can feed into your insecurities and lower your confidence levels, which create self-doubts in anything you do. Instead of focusing on what is lacking in your life, bring awareness and gratitude to all that is present.

By doing something simple as giving yourself a compliment each day can lift you from a depressing black hole of awfulness and feel your best to tackle the day. This way, you also won’t let people easily discourage you from anything and you can keep moving forward to build on your progress.

Take a minute

Body Sculpting, Body Shaper

According to a Harvard research, it was found that our brain needs a rest as much as our body does. And it’s not just about some getting sleep. Unplug before and after work by focusing on something relaxing. Taking a walk, doing yoga or meditation for half an hour can help you to clear your mind. It is also beneficial in stabilizing your emotions when you feel overwhelmed to make a decision, so you can be more grounded in reason.

Exercising is also another way to get some healthy me-time and help you think better after. It releases endorphins that will trigger a positive feeling and relieve stress. At the same time, you can incorporate body sculpting exercises in your routine to keep your body fit and healthy. When you feel your best, you can also look your best. For example, pairing your favourite clothes with a body shaper can help you gain more self-confidence and you will feel more empowered to take on the day.

Consider these strategies on how you can be more deliberate in your actions and desire to improve aspects of yourself easily and continue to have a good year ahead.

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