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GIVEAWAYAfter witnessing the instant results of our shapewear pieces during their Personal Consultation, many clients often ask if there are any combinations that we would recommend to them to achieve a stunning silhouette.

So, we usually introduce first-time clients to our Essential Collection. This collection features the Brassiere, Long Girdle, Bodysuit, and Panty, and was put together to provide a full-body shaping solution.

Each piece is ready to fly solo, but put them together and you’ll find that they play nice too, and will gladly work in tandem to shape you up. 

Read on to see how the Essential Collection works for you, and enter our Giveaway for a chance to win D'Elegance Cash Vouchers you can use to redeem D'Elegance shapewear products.

 International Women's Day 2017 Giveaway Event

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Dear friends! 

Here are the winners from our International Women's Day 2017 Giveaway:

  • $300 D’Elegance Cash Voucher

    • Jamie Chew
      1. Jamie Chew

    • Tan Xinhui
      2. Tan Xinhui

    • Angeline Ng
      5. Angeline Ng

    • Crystal Yee
      6. Crystal Yee

    • Ciney Ng
      8. Ciney Ng

  • $500 D’Elegance Cash Voucher

    • Celia Seow
      3. Celia Seow

    • Grace Ng
      7. Grace Woon

    • Angie Tan
      9. Angie Tan

  • $1,000 D’Elegance Cash Voucher

    • Crystal Chan
      4. Crystal Chan

Please join us in congratulating these lucky ladies and stay tuned for more giveaways coming your way.

Winners: we'll be sending you an email soon to arrange for the collection of your D'Elegance Cash Vouchers.

With love,

D'Elegance Team

 P.S: If you've participated in our giveaway, keep a look out in your email inboxes for a small surprise too!

If you haven't already signed up for your S$197 Gift Cert to enjoy a no-obligation shapewear consultation and fitting at D’Elegance, then check out this page to redeem your free session today (available for a limited time only).

thumb 1Brassiere 

Available in a range of sizes and styles, our Brassieres are designed to shape and sculpt a perfect cleavage.

With three-dimensional three-piece cutting and double-layered extended width design, our brassieres provide unparalleled support and create a firm and voluptuous bust line.

Worn properly using the right techniques that we share with you during your Personal Consultation, this piece is able to give you an instant bust lift and cleavage without the use of any padding.




thumb 1

Long Girdle 

The Long Girdle was designed to shape your hips and thighs while lifting your bottom.

With a high waistline, multi-layered reinforced fabric, a three-dimensional single-layered cutting design, and an airy tulle material, our girdles are perfectly designed to flatten your tummy, slim your thighs and give your bottom an added lift.

Notice the V-shape design at the waistband? This unique feature prevents our Long Girdle from rolling downwards so that you get a fuss-free shaping experience throughout the day.

For the best thigh-shaping results, we suggest that you brisk walk (as opposed to running) during exercise, and wear the Long Girdle at work.


thumb 1Panty 

Available in a range of soft pastel colours, our panties are fashioned to help you look and feel your best by flattering your curves and minimising your tummy.

The Panty has a high-waist design so that there is not waist band to dig deep into your skin and cause the fat to shift to the wrong positions.

It will also sit comfortably on your waist and show no panty line.

thumb 1Bodysuit 

This piece was designed to shape your whole body and smooth out parts of your body that the Brassiere and Long Girdle are not able to cover – your back, underarm and the small gap between the Brassiere and the Long Girdle.


In addition to tucking away your tummy, it also helps to lift your butt.

The Bodysuit also shifts excess fat from the back or underarm towards to front and center, making it an excellent complement to the Brassiere.

Wear them together and you may discover assets that you never believed you had. Lastly, wearing the Bodysuit over the high waist Long Girdle gently wraps up all the remaining parts that are not covered. This will eliminate muffin tops and unsightly bulges at the waist line and the bra support areas.


Here’s one more thing you should know about the Essential Collection – only quality, light and airy fabrics that are perfectly suited for our tropical climate is used to create the shapewear, and each piece is skillfully crafted to fit and flatter your body shape.

The result? It will leave you looking flawless and feeling fabulous.


The prizes change with every Giveaway. A detailed description can be found under the "Terms & Conditions" section via the Gleam app at the top of the page.

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