4 ways your fashion choices could affect your health

fashion1Since time immemorial, looking on point has always been important to us. Humans are, after all, inherently visual creatures.
Besides, looking fab helps provide a significant confidence boost.

In our quests to look good, however… we could be straining our bodies little by little and accelerating their aging in the process. Before we know it, tiny issues of no concern could snowball into all sorts of problems. The last thing you want is to have to seek medical intervention for back issues, for example.


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5 mistakes women make when trying to look slimmer

slimmingWe all strive to look our best every day. For some of us, this takes gym days, healthy eating and a lot of discipline. For others, it seems almost effortless (lots of envying, here). There are days, however, when it seems harder than usual — when all of us could use some help looking trimmer and fitter, and A.S.A.P. That interview or date can’t wait! What’s a woman to do?


Correcting these mistakes, if you’ve been making them, could just help! 

23 Singapore Brands That Will Make You See How Women Can Make A Difference In Shaping The World

PAP Womens Wing Women Entrepreneur Fair 2017 WOWe find that one of the most inspiring things in life is women openly supporting and lifting each other up.

That's why we're grateful for events like the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) Women’s Wing annual conference – “Singapore Women in the Future Economy” – and Women Entrepreneur Fair 2017.

Kudos to these 23 wonderful Singapore brands that came together to celebrate women entrepreneurship and to work together to further women's interests here in Singapore.

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7 Signs You're Wearing The Wrong Bra (And What You Can Do About It)

7 Signs You Are Wearing The Wrong BraYou've probably heard of the often quoted statistic that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra. Whether this statistic is true or not remains to be seen

But, one thing is for sure - a poor bra fit is not good for you.

This is because wearing the wrong bra can cause health problems and also make your figure go out of shape. And the longer we ignore these problems, the harder they become to treat.

Here are 7 signs of a poor bra fit and tips on what you can do about them.

D'Elegance X Uplift Project - Recycling bras to women in need

DElegance x Uplift ProjectWe're pleased to announce that D'Elegance has set up two collection points for donors to drop off small personal donations in support of the Uplift Project,  which recycles bras to women in need.

Uplift started in 2005, collecting second-hand bras for Fiji, with help from Rotary Australia World Community Service. In 2015, the Uplift Project became a registered charity in Australia, with branches across the country and in NZ, Singapore and Botswana.

So far, Uplift has sent over 1.5 million bras to 11 Asia Pacific countries, Botswana, Uganda, India and Pakistan. 

Elida Teh: Being able to give is a gift

Elida Jemanci 0

Jeremy from JEMANCI is a contemporary portrait photographer for women and a natural light shooter. Luckily for us, this talented gentleman is currently based in Singapore, and we have been blessed with the opportunity to see him in action as he helped to pose, direct and create the most beautiful images of founder Elida and her mom. 

The following is taken from the JEMANCI blog, where Jeremy interviewed D'Elegance founder Elida about life, values and more.

Shapewear Care: A Simple Guide

Shapewear Care Intro

So you've recently purchased our products and are ready to start your shaping journey. What's next? Caring for your best friends! Learn handy tips on taking care of your D'Elegance shapewear and making sure that they last you for two years or more. 

Membership & VIP Benefits

Benefits introIntroducing the D'Elegance Membership Program, tailored to let you enjoy greater flexibility, unique rewards and more benefits as you satisfy your shapewear needs.

D'Elegance Shapewear featured on Channel U Ladies Nite 女人俱乐部

channel u ladies nite

Join us as we revisit this episode of Ladies Nite 女人俱乐部, including a feature of the D'Elegance shapewear collection.

Season 1 of Ladies Nite 女人俱乐部 aired on Channel U in 2011, and sought to bring viewers the trendiest tips on beauty, fashion, and health. TV hosts Michelle Chong and Vivian Lai met dazzling celebrity guests and experts from various fields to share their personal experiences and demonstrate handy tips essential to every woman.

D'Elegance New Collection 2016

new collection intro wincool nude

Experience a luxurious comfort as you contour your curves with the latest collection of D'Elegance shapewear products which make use of Japan-patented fabric, Wincool.

Featuring the Japan-patented fabric Wincool, this new series of body shapers are designed to promote fast drying and ensure comfort even in humid environments. Feel a cooling sensation as the Wincool fabric works to lower your skin temperature by up to 2°C, allowing you to look and feel good – all day long.

What affects a woman's figure?

what affects introEvery woman dreams of having the perfect body. However, most women may face some challenges when it comes to maintaining a good figure.

At D’Elegance, we believe that understanding and embracing these challenges is the first step to achieving a stunning silhouette.