D’Elegance New Collection 2016

Experience a luxurious comfort while you contour your curves with the latest collection of shapewear products from D’Elegance.

Featuring the Japan-patented fabric Wincool, this new series of body shapers are designed to promote fast drying and ensure comfort even in humid environments. Feel a cooling sensation as the Wincool fabric works to lower your skin temperature by up to 2°C, allowing you to look and feel good – all day long.

This new collection is available in nude color and provides the following benefits:

1. Moisture Wicking

Designed to promote fast drying and ensure cool comfort – especially in humid environments.

2. Comfort

Uniquely designed fabric that is light, airy and cool to the touch ensures luxurious comfort.

3. Cooling Effect

Feel a cooling comfort as Wincool fabrics lower your skin temperature by up to 2℃. Wincool is a Japan-patented fabric containing mineral powder that reduces endothermic rate while increasing thermal diffusivity.

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