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Personal Consultation - The Pride of D'Elegance

At D’Elegance, we understand that every woman is shaped differently. That’s why we make personalised consultations an integral part of our customer service experience.

But we go beyond just reviewing your size in these sessions. We delve deep into your habits, fashion choices and lifestyle because these factors play a part in determining your perfect shapewear.

In fact, our personalised consultation service is a hallmark that distinguishes us. Through these private sessions, we help you understand your body shape and discover the right shapewear to achieve a stunning silhouette.

Consultation Room

The D’Elegance experience

We’re firm believers that consultation sessions should be highly pampered affairs. Come and relax in our luxurious consultation rooms and chat with our highly experienced fit consultants over refreshments while we:

  • Understand your concerns, needs and goals;
  • Take your measurements and use our proprietary chart to reveal your current shape and your ideal figure (Golden Proportion);
  • Recommend shapewear that address your needs and accentuate your natural curves automagically;
  • Show you simple methods to wearing D'Elegance shapewear so that you achieve a better figure instantly;
  • Let you experience first-hand the ‘before’ and ‘after’ effects of wearing D’Elegance shapewear.

Enhance your true beauty and empower your life – schedule a one-to-one consultation session with us today.

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All consultations are made strictly by appointment only to ensure you of our undivided attention.

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