Choosing The Right Shapewear To Pair With Jeans

Best Shapewear, Singapore Best Shapewear

Potentially the most popular article of clothing in the world, it’s safe to assume that everyone has at least a pair of jeans in their closet. With an abundance of styles ranging from boot-cut to slim-fit to skinny jeans and fitting types such as low-rise or high-waisted, they embody both form and function through their versatility and comfort.

Surprisingly, did you know that you can enhance how your favourite pair of jeans look on you just by pairing it with the best shapewear for you? That’s right, by wearing the right shapewear that complements it, your jeans can look extra amazing in your outfits!

Things to Consider When Picking Shapewear for Jeans

Best Shapewear, Singapore Best Shapewear

There are various types of shapewear that you may choose from to wear under your jeans, but asking yourself these questions before selecting one can go a long way in ensuring that you not only look stunning but feel comfortable too.

1. Low-rise or not?

Best Shapewear, Singapore Best Shapewear

Low-rise jeans usually show off a bit of your tummy and waist area depending on how much you want it to. Therefore, if you enjoy wearing low-rise jeans, it’s ideal if you wear shapewear that is not revealed with the skin you’re showing off. Try shapewear items like D’Elegance’s range of panties, which can be hidden just under the top of this type of jeans.

2. Do I want a bum lift?

Best Shapewear, Singapore Best Shapewear

While the firmness of jeans can provide a subtle lift to your bum, sometimes you just need a little more support for your bum to feel great. In that case, the best body shaper for you would be either a panty or D’Elegance’s long girdle. These shapewear items can provide the boost to your bum to keep it looking shapely in jeans.

3. Control for the tummy?

Best Shapewear, Singapore Best Shapewear

High-waisted jeans are one of the most popular jeans styles that have been on the rise again recently. While some ladies fit easily into them, others may need a little help around the tummy to slide into this particular type of jeans. Shapewear that provides tummy control such as abdominal binders in Singapore can provide varying degrees of firmness and control that smoothens your tummy and enables you to ease into high-waisted jeans.

4. Control for the thighs?

Best Shapewear, Singapore Best Shapewear

Another fashionable jeans style is slim-fit or skinny jeans. Unlike looser fitting jeans, these type of jeans hugs your waist, hip, and the entire length of your legs. Because of the tighter fit, women with a thicker thigh area may find it a little more difficult to slide into them. This is where shapewear can help. Wearing a long girdle can help to smoothen the thigh area so that you can ease into the tighter-fitting jeans easier.

At D’Elegance, we know that jeans are an essential piece in a woman’s many outfits, be it for a casual date with a partner or a semi-formal meeting with a business client. Our shapewear items can help you fit well into the jeans of your choice, and also enhance the appearance of your hips, bum, and legs in the jeans you wear.

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