4 Exquisite Dress Styles for Different Body Shapes

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Women are blessed with an abundance of gorgeous outfits for almost every occasion, season, or trend. Among many of the outfits, there is one garment choice that is considered a timeless and reliable option because of its fashion flexibility and variety.

That garment? A dress. Ask any lady, and she will surely tell you that she has many dresses in different styles in her wardrobe for both formal and casual outings. The options are plentiful, and while variety and personal preference are important, it’s also essential to know that different dresses can complement and enhance different body shapes.

In this article, we’ll list 4 of the most popular dresses and how they help to beautify your body shape.

The Maxi Dress

An iconic dress style since the height of its popularity in the 70’s, the fabric of maxi dresses gathers below the bust and then sweeps down to the floor to retain its hallmark length. Maxi dresses allow you to look effortlessly glamorous and is suitable for both brunches with friends and even romantic dates. Another highlight of maxi dresses is that it’s equally comfortable as it is elegant, making it a consistently popular choice.

Ideal Body Shape

Maxi dresses are suitable for ladies of any body type, but they are especially great for women who have a slim and rectangular body or a longer torso.

The Mini Dress

The premier choice of many ladies as a cocktail or party dress, slipping into a stunning mini dress is arguably one of the best ways for a woman to show off some skin while also being fashionable. It’s also perfect for hotter climates when the weather can be humid. The best thing about mini dresses is that you could pair them with a multitude of different shoes. Mini dresses can be paired with heels, strappy gladiator sandals, and even sneakers.

Ideal Body Shape

Mini dresses are perfect for any woman who wants to feel sexy, but it truly shines if worn by petite and shorter women, as the dress helps to accentuate their legs. Additionally, it can allow shorter women to appear taller if paired with a stunning pair of heels!

The Peplum Dress

Peplum dresses are distinguished by their frilled ruffle waist that lays over a narrow-hemmed skirt extending to the knees. This style of dress works amazingly as both formal or business wear, and also for dinner parties. It’s favoured for its versatility and the unique silhouette it grants to wearers by breaking the ‘flat’ appearance with simple ruffle design.

Ideal Body Shape

Peplum dresses can glamourise every body shape, but it works its magic best by when worn by ladies with broad shoulders as the ruffle flare can balance out your shape. It’s ideal for curvy women as long as the poofs are not too large.

The Flare Dress

Flare dresses or also known as ‘fit-and-flare’ dresses are potentially the best dress-friend to every woman as they can’t go wrong while wearing it. Most flare dresses have a fitted bodice designed to hug the chest and waist and a swirling and flared skirt that extends below it, enhancing the feminine beauty of women. If you’re looking for a more furtive variation of it, flare dresses also come in A-line silhouettes.

Ideal Body Types

The flare dress is ideally worn by women with hourglass figures and a flattering waist, but it can also benefit taller women to emphasise their legs.

Accentuate Your Outfit

Every woman knows that simply wearing a dress won’t do; you have to personalise to accentuate your natural beauty further when wearing the dress. You can use several methods, both subtle and bold, to achieve that, such as:

Incorporating Shapewear

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and from various walks of life. Sometimes, a particular dress may not be designed to be worn easily for different body shapes. This is where shapewear comes in; wearing shapewear items such as a tummy slimmer or Singapore abdominal binder from premier shapewear brands such as D’Elegance, can help to smoothen and contour specific areas of the body so that your beauty is enhanced further while wearing that gorgeous dress.


Accessories are like the cherry on top of the cake. They help to adorn and complement an outfit, elevating its beautiful appearance. Bracelets, necklaces, chokers, and even rings, are quintessential accessories that will help your look stand out even more.

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