3 Healthy Methods For Losing Weight Without Exercising

The modern woman has a lot on her plate, be it with her career, family, or even both together. She can stretch herself thin over these things, and it can be challenging to find a gap in her hectic schedule to fit in a session in the gym. Because of this, it may lead her to feel unhealthy, especially if she feels like she has gained weight.

While exercise and dieting are indisputably the best methods of shedding weight quickly, fortunately, there are other solutions that the modern woman can incorporate into her busy lifestyle that can help her trim a few inches off her waistline over time.

It should be said that while these methods can certainly help you lose weight, they are not miracle cures, nor are they suitable for everyone as certain people may have strict dietary requirements. What’s important to keep in mind is that, while these weight-loss methods can help, ultimately they should be compatible with your body and general health.

Below are the three tips on how to lose weight without exercising.

1. Counting/Watching the Carbs

The number one culprit of weight gain is the notorious carbohydrates. They’re present in almost all of our favourite foods, be it in a savoury fried chicken piece or a slice of sinful red velvet cheesecake. The modern woman can sometimes spend a lot of time seated at her desk, and if she’s not watching her carbs, it can easily result in weight gain.

There are carbs that are good for you, such as the ones present in organic vegetables. However, the carbs that should be avoided or eaten in moderation are the ‘white carbs’ which are present in white bread, white rice, and highly processed foods. This form of carbs can be converted into glycogen by your body if not burned off, which is a component of hazardous body fat.

A great way to see how much carbs can have an impact on your body is to watch your carb intake or do a carb detox. You’ll be surprised at the amount of weight you can lose by just adopting this approach.

2. Incorporate More Protein in Your Meals

If you’ve been counting carbs, then your natural best friend would be Protein that replaces the carbs as your energy supply. As opposed to sugar, protein is often hailed as the ‘clean energy’ for the human body as it provides the same boost of energy without causing your energy levels to crash afterwards. Some great sources of protein you can incorporate into your meals are seafood, white-meat poultry, beans, and yoghurt.

In addition, when you consume more protein instead of carbs for lunch, you’ll feel more energised throughout the rest of the day without any of the post-lunch sleepiness.

3. Try Fasting Intermittently

For people that have never fasted before, this method can be challenging as most of us are accustomed to having multiple meals every day. A good and fairly easy introduction into intermittent fasting for first-timers is essentially limiting yourself to one meal per day. This means you stock up and replenish your energy reserves by eating a full and balanced meal in the late afternoon or night time and only eat again after 24 hours.

The benefits to intermittent fasting can include,

  • Lower insulin levels
  • Reduced oxidative stress in your body
  • Increased human growth hormone
  • Lower risks of diseases
  • Improves memory

Not to mention, it can help you lose weight without exercising if done correctly and for a long time. Remember that you should first consult your doctor or nutritionist if you have dietary concerns or allergies, and be sure to get the green light from them before trying intermittent fasting.

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