Flatten Your Tummy,
Get An Hourglass Figure
& Protect Your Posture Instantly

Thousands of women in Singapore are using D’Elegance Shapewear to achieve a startling new figure and posture improvement overnight.

What D'Elegance shapewear will do for you

Lift Your Bust

Gently sculpt the perfect cleavage… prevent breasts from sagging and outspreading… and ease that feeling of tiredness around the breasts themselves, that ruins the sparkle and beauty of your entire upper body.

Flatten Your Tummy

Restore strength to your natural body-shaping muscles and compresses excess flab – the same way as when you push your hands on your belly to push in the fat – to slim you up to 4 inches instantly. Say goodbye to that awkward “below-stomach bulge” that comes naturally with age and childbirth.

Turn Your Body Into An Hourglass

Restore the sharp contours of youth to your figure. Smooth out curves and bumps that would otherwise hang loosely on your body and virtually melt away years off the appearance of your figure and give you a great posture instantly.

Slim Your Waistline

Get a sleeker waistline to give your body the appearance of six weeks of exercise in just ten luxurious seconds. 

Slenderize Your Thighs

Slenderize your thighs. Keep your inner thigh firm. And re-discover the thigh gap you thought you’d lost when you passed out of your teens. 

Smooth Out Bulges

Erase figure problems that have been bugging you for years – like armpit fat, back fat and other embarrassing bulges that show underneath your favorite clothing – in a matter of minutes.

Finding The Right D’Elegance Shapewear For You Is Easy!

Our customers are full of praise

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How does it work?

Some benefits of the consultation and fitting are...

Get up close and personal with your own shapewear consultant

Have all your burning questions about underwear and shapewear answered patiently and thoroughly – over a pot of delicious tea.

Get professionally fitted with utmost respect for your privacy

Let your friendly consultant take down twelve before-and-after measurements in under a minute, find your perfect fit, and show you scientific proof of how much your figure improves after wearing D’Elegance Shapewear.
(By the time we’re done, you’ll be holding in your hand the keys to unlocking a whole new world of youthfulness, physical magnetism and incredible new feminine appeal.)

New risk-free way to instantly shave inches off your abdomen and waistline and flatten your tummy

Learn how to pick only the pieces that will match your needs and lifestyle while everyone else scrambles to save their figure. 

(Tip: Bring along your favourite dress to try with the shapewear and witness your amazing transformation with your own eyes!)

Learn simple techniques to wearing your D’Elegance shapewear

that will make it perform miracles for your figure every single time – like clockwork. Kiss your figure woes goodbye and start living life to the fullest!

Find out an ingenious way to re-arrange and adjust your breast tissues when wearing your bra

This method gives you an instant bust lift without any padding at all. You’ll learn exactly why this simple method called “Stoop-Scoop-Steady” will work such breath-taking wonders for you every single time.

every stitch, seam and construction of your D’Elegance shapewear will be explained to you in a clear and concise manner

You’ll learn to immediately recognise a shapewear that fits you and, more importantly, avoid poorly-designed shapewear that would otherwise murder your figure and posture and create butt ugly problems that are a pain to treat… and save yourself precious time, money and effort.

Discover your body’s Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is a ratio commonly used in the worlds of fashion and beauty pageants to measure physical perfection. See irrefutable evidence of how D’Elegance shapewear not only helps you to boost this score, but also creates a gorgeous figure that takes years off the appearance of your figure. 

Absolutely no obligations to buy after your consultation and fitting

Take all the time you need to decide. When you're ready, you won't have to do another fitting again if you don’t want to because we already have all the information we’ll need.

No waiting time if you decide to get something

Your D’Elegance shapewear is ready to go home with you on the very same day of your consultation. If any alteration is needed to get you the perfect fit, we’ll do it for you free of charge.

...and much more!

Here's how to get started

Schedule an appointment with one of our representatives
Come for your consultation and fitting

and witness the amazing transformation of your new figure and posture

Without a proper consultation and fitting, you’re just leaving your body-shaping goals to chance. But you deserve more. You deserve a time-tested and proven body-shaping solution you can trust to deliver results. Becoming a D’Elegance Client is the path that lets you tone up, slim down, and achieve the most beautiful, confident and radiant version of yourself in the shortest time possible.

Make an appointment to become a D’Elegance Client today.

Video Testimonials

Erlyna's D'Elegance Experience

"Hello everyone! I'm Erlyna, 41 years old, a mother of five.I'm glad I made this appointment at D'Elegance today through the referral of the pageant that I'm participating in (Mrs & Ms. Singapore Malay International Pageant 2017/18)...... 'Cos after trying the shapewear, I find that it's really beneficial to my figure.I do not have a weight management problem in the first place, but I do want to maintain the shapely figure - especially now that I'm in my forties.And I know for sure after donning it on that the shapewear of D'Elegance has really given me an advantage and I hope to maintain this in the years to come.Thank you Elida and Angie for having me here today." Many thanks to Erlyna for sharing about her D'Elegance experience! ?❤ We give our best wishes to this amazing mummy of five, and also to all of the finalists of the Mrs & Ms. Singapore Malay International Pageant 2017/18! Check out ? https://my.delegance.com.sg ? to claim your free shapewear consultation and fitting and see for yourself how this time-tested and proven body-shaping solution will help to instantly transform your figure ?, improve your posture ?, and slow down your body's ageing overnight ⏳⁠⁠⁠⁠

Posted by D'Elegance on Thursday, 14 September 2017